Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Not a great picture I know, but when I got my hair done yesterday I talked to Wendy about what we could and couldn't post.   It was great of her to want the sissies as bridesmaids, I wish we could have posted all the wedding photos, but that's OK.  Wendy was a beautiful bride and our sissies did a great job making her day special. 

One thing that Katie alluded to was that there is a change in the blogs.  One thing we should have realized would happen if we put all 5 sissies together is that they would unionize.   The big issue came with the amount of maid work we were having them do, which was kind of excessive in retrospect.  We agreed that as long as each blog is updated once per week that was acceptable.  However, they agreed that they would all start blogging again.  The agreement begins on Monday.  Jill really stepped up negotiations.   We're still in charge, but we can be merciful and we don't want this experience to be miserable---well sometimes for Xiu, but that's beside the point.  Thanks for all the suggestions.  I think a beauty pageant and an Olympics are musts.  A knot tying and untying contest sounds fun too.  Wow!  To that Japanese tv star who turned out to be male.  I wish I hadn't waited so long to approve comments or I'd have more to say to you all.

Finally, for "The 3 Angels" well done---I'll bookmark those blogs.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Update

Girls have moved in and our working on the place. They've been working hard since weekend and it's about done. Unfortunately, they still don't have DSL though that's supposed to be in on Thursday. They are for all intents and purposes living like 5 women (Jill is a special case and she's spending about half her time as Bill). However, since they've mostly been lifting, painting, and doing grunt work, they haven't been really girlie girls. The plan is for the housewarming party to be in 2 weeks. The one nice things is this is their home for a year. There will be no need to go through all this again. I have a ton of messages, I've read them in my email, but I need to go through them to post. I will do that within a day or two. Thanks to all of you for continuing to contribute so much even when there haven't been many updates. The gurls get a bit embarrassed by all the attention, but we on the other end of the things really appreciate it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Gurls Are Alright

Hey,  the wedding was amazing!  Plenty of pics, but waiting until Wendy is post honeymoon to discuss what can be displayed.   It was a very avant garde group, but Uncle Harold might not want to be seen in the background of a picture and while there were other beauticians and stylists (who gave the gurls a ton of attention) there were also regular family members and friends many of whom may never have learned that half the bridesmaids were guys.   It was so much fun including a rowdy bachelorette party with a poll dancing class.  I was extremely proud of all the sissies including Xiu who really made an effort.

That was the good news.  The bad news is that wedding ended leaving us with a lot of final papers due this week and a lot of grading for our T & A TAs.  Next week is finals week and that leads right into the big move to Sissy House which is practically it's own sorority.   I'm not going to be too strict about posting until the move is done, but after that expect a lot of posts from Xiu and Katie and plenty from Cindy and Amber as well.  Hopefully, even some Jill.   I want them all to give their recollections of the wedding events, which I think it's kind of neat they got to experience the other side of the festivities.   To try and soften the blow, here is Princess Leia Xiugana from the big Princess Party.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Princess Slumber Party

Tonight is the big Princess Party over at Sissy House.  This one should have some fun pics as a result.  In honor of the royal wedding each girl must come as their favorite princesses.   Mistresses helped their own sissy with her costume, but the gurls were in charge of assembling whatever they needed for a costume.  They're not limited to Disney Princesses either so I'm hoping for creativity and maybe a Wonder Woman or Princess Diana.  The party starts tonight and continues through the wedding early tomorrow morning.  The next two weeks are really going to be crazy here, but then things calm down a bit.   Wendy's wedding is next week.  I can't wait.   I can't believe she wanted Amber, Jill, and Cindy as bridesmaids, but it will be awesome to see.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Colleen's Version of Twister

I really do love Colleen's version of Twister, but it does leave our gurls in knots so to speak. I totally wasn't bothered by the post that Katie made and like a lot of you, reminded her that she was bragging about how how she looked in a dress. Of course the reaction was a lot of blushing.   Colleen didn't make them stay like this for more than 45 minutes, but I think she made her point.  Since then, the sissies have been on their best behavior.

Getting Xiu to practice with her new little friend has been difficult, but not impossible.  I'm always open to suggestions, but if anybody deserves it, it's Xiu.  Katie seems to be settling in much better to her role.  Their friend Rebecca has come up with the idea of teaching them both a class on womanhood.  I don't think that's a bad idea at all.  In fact, it might be useful for the other gurls to sit in.
Jill is in full girl mode and looking like she never left.   She's nervous about the wedding, but I think she's going to do great.   I think they all well.  Wendy is awesome and has really taken to the challenge of being beautician to the sissies :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Note to Kathwyn

UPDATE: I totally respect your concerns about privacy.  Believe me I have the exact same ones and there are a few things we have done to make it a little more difficult to find us from the blogs.   If you do get a chance to open up a private email though that'd be great.  In the meantime, I imagine most readers of the blog don't mind too much.   I always love your ideas because they not only have that devious genius that makes for fun, but they also have common sense and safety.  Your suggestions on the lessons are solid advice.  There is no way that Xiu will get the chance to lead.  For one thing with their difference in height, it'd probably wind up looking like the video I'm posting below.  Xiu has a great deal of poetic justice coming to her.  I really do like the crossplay idea--you're talking to some nerdy girls here and some of us enjoy anime and American comics too.

If there's a way you'd feel comfortable with us emailing you that'd be great.  However, we can do it this way too.  For the rest of you, I guess you can enjoy a glimpse of our thought process.  We have an unintentional and unofficial mistress meeting going on and we've been talking about the dance classes.  I think your idea about blues dancing might be perfect.  It looks sexy and seductive, which is exactly what we want for the Katie and Xiu.  We have questions though.

How insular is the community?   We'd love for them to go two different classes--one an LGBT class where they could be a couple of lesbians and another a more traditional class where they could get to dance with guys.   It seems like we definitely do have a blues dancing scene here (not surprising, we've got a good blues scene here), but will everybody know each other.

I saw a few skirts and few heels.  If they dress sexier will they stand out?

You said one lesson was enough for follows?  I assume that's whoever's doing the following instead of the leading on the dance floor?

We loved the videos.   You're making me want to take dance lessons and not just to check it out for the sissies beforehand.

Thanks for all your great advice and help!  In this area your knowledge is invaluable.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wedding Wallpaper

Here are some more pictures from Katie's bridal shop experience.   We're all kind of busy right now with school, but I will promise you within the next few days there will be a new post from Xiu.  We are really stumped on dance classes for Katie and Xiu and how we want them to present themselves at class.  We want them to dance with each other and learn some great dirty dancing moves, but we also want to get them practice dancing with guys too. Also, for those of you with dance experience, should they just take a basic ballroom class first?  Like I said, we want them to learn some dirty dancing moves ;)