Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Frustrating Limits of Blogging

There's a lot I would like to tell you all about what has happened over the past month. Unfortunately, sissies can read this blog as well and in this case, there are some things that need to be kept confidential. Xiu came back from Christmas break ready to fight and made things quite difficult. I don't want to get to into it, but people have pointed out before if any of the sissies really wanted to, and they were willing to face the consequences, they could. Xiu was pretty close to doing it and then finally backed down. We've been spending the last 3 weeks dealing with Xiu, but I am happy to report that when I saw her this afternoon, she was eating lunch in a lovely red dress. Hopefully, that's behind us. While it wasn't easy for us it also wasn't easy for her.

As you can see, Amber is doing great. Any good sissy can look like a woman when you put them in a dress and heels, but it's a special sissy who can look feminine in such functional winter clothing.

We have totally neglected the montage. It seems kind of silly editing a video with Christmas music when it's almost February. There are Christmas and New Years photos that you haven't seen, but not many new pictures in awhile because of the damn weather and the problem with Xiu. Man it's been cold out there.

Jill is adapting nicely to semi-freedom. I wasn't expecting Xiu's reaction. Jill is still getting dressed up from time to time and her attitude when she gets dressed is evolving. I don't think she sees it as nearly the chore she once did. She asked us not to post any more pictures of her in male mode for privacy reasons, but I'm hoping she may post one. She definitely is a pretty boy when in male mode, but does look like a guy.

Cindy and Amber have been so good lately. They have been supportive of us with the whole Xiu situation. They need to blog more and we'll address it, but Amber even half admitted that she deserved to be put in a dress for how she had treated Susan.

For the most part, the readers of this blog have been great. Unfortunately, there were a couple extremely negative posts recently as well. They were deleted, but for people who claimed they wanted more updates, their comments really annoyed me. Please, don't ask for more posts and then tell me how much you dislike the blogs.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Guess the Sissy

Well, there was less fallout online from the Jill situation than I thought.   We really made the decision because of what was best with her.  We discussed it with Kristine and with Colleen and also looked at her class schedule.  It's one thing to show up in a skirt to a lecture with 200 students, a class with 20 is a lot tougher.  She's also done everything we asked and it's not like she's never going to be Jill again.

Things are a bit hectic here.  The holidays were great, but we're all back to working hard.   We want to put all the Christmas and New Year pictures into a montage, but in the meantime the sissies will be posting their individual experiences.  Can you figure out who those legs belong to?  I'm pretty jealous of them actually.