Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Xiu's Beautiful Kingdom

I'm excited and I can't help it.  I picked the name Xiu for her Chinese name or Michelle for her Americanized version.  I brought another woman into our circle who could answer some of those Chinese questions I had. 

Thanks for the advice anonymous.  That's very much the way we've feminized the others, but I was looking more for questions about feminizing a Chinese guy. 

If you do go visit her blog, just remember she's still at the nervous and wondering if she should cooperate stage.  She doesn't need extra reason to fight like finding out about the other sissies.   She'll learn in time.  We're all checking her blog though so most of the time we'll see any comments before she ever does.  

Wow!  This is fun. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


OK Sheila has her new toy and dressing her up for some new photos today, I have to admit it was pretty fun. Maybe it's because of her Chinese features, but she really feminizes easily and she's so slender. she's going to turn out pretty well from the get go. Her feet are small enough to wear my shoes, but actually I'll probably be borrowing the fabulous heels she buys rather than her borrowing my flats. The fact she deserves it makes it more fun too. I understand some of the worries that were expressed in the comments, but we haven't taken her anyway near that far. We'll deal with problems as they come. Some of the problems you mentioned are way off.

My problem is I've never dealt with a Chinese guy before. Any Chinese crossdressers out there that can help? I don't know how to handle the shape of her eyes, what colors to use for makeup or pantyhose, or a good girl's name and Sheila is more clueless than I am. Help us out please.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Greatest Gift I Ever Got

So I got back from my morning class at 9:30 to an empty place except for a note on the door wishing me a Happy Birthday.   I was a bit alarmed since today isn't my birthday.  I opened the door to see a Chinese girl tied to a chair in the middle of the room.  I'm more than a little confused, but with all the bondage we've been practicing lately, I wasn't really alarmed.  As I got closer, I realized just who this Asian beauty bound before me was--Roger, a TA who by now is a legend for hitting on girls and trying to use his power over them to get them to go out with him.

As I looked at the card, it was signed Colleen, Kristine, and Susan.   This is probably the nicest gift I have ever received.   Roger and I had a lovely conversation and I think he may very well become the newest filly in our little stable, but it remains to be seen.  He still seems quite uncooperative.  Then again that's some of the fun.   He has plenty of reason to behave too.  I frankly have no idea how they arranged the capture, but I'm dying to hear.  He wasn't very up front about what happened even after I took the tape off his mouth.  They enclosed a few pictures so if you'd like a better view en femme, here you go.  He's Chinese American and very petite for a guy.   I may go with a Chinese name.  I like Jiao which means delicate or lovely.  I may do an American name, but that's all a bit in the future.  Now, I have to get permission to keep him first :).  It would definitely be fun having a sissy of my own.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A New Contest - Karaoke

The thing I've noticed about college--not just here mind you--but everywhere is that professors tend to follow very similar calendars when they produce their syllabus.  What that means is papers, tests, and in general work fall at the exact same time in any semester.  This past week, we got hit hard. Hopefully, you'll see more posts as we clear this first hurdle. 

We did have time for our second big sissy contest, which was won by Cindy with a stunning rendition of Like a Virgin at a local karaoke night.   She beat out Amber's Man I Feel Like a Woman and Jill's California Gurls.   Cindy didn't have a better voice than Amber and only a little better than Jill, but her choreography was top notch and she always seemed comfortable and happy while performing. After two competitions the score is Cindy 5, Jill 4, Amber 3. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Three Lovely Bridesmaids

Don't get too excited.   These aren't the dresses for Wendy's wedding.  Who says you can't find a use for old bridesmaid dresses though.   Things are going great, but we're very busy.   Keep in mind that with all three sissies having a girlfriend at school now they don't have quite as much time as they did over summer, but we're going to make sure they update a bit more regularly.  I'm so excited that Cindy has got her job.  The sissies are under the impression that we are trying to humiliate them with the choice of work.   That's not really true.  Cindy will emerge from this experience much more feminine plus she gets a discount.  It just kind of defeats the purpose for them to take jobs where they can't dress up pretty.