Thursday, February 24, 2011

Aaron or Erin?

One of the reasons that Kristine took so well to having a sissy for a boyfriend is probably because she admitted to us that as a kid, her older sister and he used to dress up their younger brother from time to time as older sisters are want to do.  I did a bit of this with a friend's younger cousin myself.  

We had agreed that we would not feminize Aaron and would instead make him date Xiu.   However, like two goofy older sisters Kristine and Colleen seem to have a hard time resisting playing dressup with Aaron.  I think it's the long hair.  Still no plans to actually feminize him, but he does clean up pretty nice. 

Everybody here is doing pretty well with Jill doing great.  Hopefully, she will update soon.   She is still dressing up from time to time, but has gone back to being mostly male.  She didn't have a real impossible time of it either, which I think gives the others a bit of hope for their future.  I don't see any new releases coming soon.

We seem to have a lot of new visitors which is great.  It's always fun to hear from the occassional female visitor as I know our audience is 95%+ crossdressers and people who would enjoy being feminized.  I think our readers are great, but it's fun to see some diversity.  We've also had some great links sent from the recent one on taping to the fasion shoot to the hot Chinese guys as girls.

More snow coming tonight.  Talk to you soon.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Is it Spring Yet?

The blizzard has hit us hard. We even lost power for a day and a half over the weekend. I am so ready for warmer weather. Xiu has settled down and I think she realizes that the only thing her defiance has earned her is being treated more strictly than the others. Colleen is ready to go get another sissy. One of the things that Xiu did was to let another TA in on what was going on. That TA had a great deal of power over us because Sheila, myself, and Kristine are all in classes with him. We had to call his bluff, but Colleen things since he put himself into this, it'd be safer and more fun to let him experience his own feminine side. I'm not sure that we want another difficult sissy while we have Xiu already to deal with so I don't think we'll be feminizing him. It was funny to see the look on his face though when we teased him about it. Other than Xiu, everybody is doing well. We had plans to do a football game on Super Bowl Sunday between sissies and mistresses, but there was just too much snow. Snow is fine, but snow higher than your knee is just too ridiculous.