Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two Outstanding Questions

One of our favorite Texas sissies asked what we do about the sissies' hair and if they wear wigs.  The short answer is yes.  Wigs not only work when you're dealing with short hair, they give you access to different styles, colors, and lengths.   They're more versatile then regular hair and wigs will probably be something both Jill and Cindy will continue to wear for a long time.

Cindy still has rather short hair so it's going to be wigs, wigs, wigs for her.  Jill started with short hair, but she's been at this for over half a year--Wow! has it been that long?  For not being very hairy, Jill has been blessed with rather fast growing hair on her head.  The average male's hair grows at 1/2 an inch per month, but Jill's grows considerably faster than that.   Both Jill and Cindy are taking biotin, which is a harmless over the counter vitamin that helps with hair growth. 

In January, I started taking Jill to see the girl who does my hair.  Even though my tastes run more conservative, Wendy works at a pretty edgy salon.  At first, I told Wendy that Jill was transitioning and wanted to get his hair done, but his second appointment he got quite argumentitive and when I went back to get my hair done, I told her the truth.   She's happy to help, but warned us, that things have to be kept quiet at the salon and so far it's worked fine.  Cindy will start seeing her when her hair grows a bit. 

Another reader asked about jobs for our sissies this summer.   For as hot as Cindy is, she's just not ready.   The looks are actually the easiest part.  Her job over summer will be cleaning and she will be doing plenty of it.  Jill on the other hand can carry herself as a woman in public.  The job market sucks right now, but we're working on getting her a job that will both provide her with income for more shopping this summer and embarrass her every day as she lives the life of a female 24/7.

Monday, March 29, 2010

We Will Make it Up to You

I guess apologies are in order for not having pictures of the party, outside of a lovely shot of our two maids.  As I mentioned before, we were trying to break this news to some of our close friends who didn't already know about our sissies.  In that area, it was a huge success, but it's one thing to ask your friends to attend a party with your French Maid.  It's another to ask them to be in pictures on the internet for the whole world to see.   I promise next party we will make it up to you.  So far only one of my friends felt uncomfortable about the sissies.   We've had reactions ranging from mild bemusement to offers of assistance.  I've had two friends call and ask what clothes we'd be looking for.   I think I see a bridesmaid pictorial coming up soon.  We all have them in our closets and this is about as good a use as most can be put to.  I've gotten some fun suggestions from friends too, including a line on a summer job for Jill.

The above picture is from the website we're putting up for Cindy and Jill.  It seems we've been working on it forever.  I think the first page looks so awesome and then, eh...I don't know.  The idea here is to display their photo sections in a magazine style slideshow so we wanted covers.  They are compressed and smushed together here.  They look much nicer on the webpage.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Party Rocked!

Introducing Cindy from SheSheila on Vimeo.

The party went better than we could have hoped for.  We weren't in your face about things at all because we didn't want any of our friends to freak out.   They didn't.  They waited on our friends hand and foot and of course showed proper deference by curtsying and calling the guests sir and madam.  Karen's boyfriend Matt, after getting a few drinks in him, starting teasing the sissies by hitting on them in an over the top drunken way.  Our guy friends were so funny because they would admit that the sissies were cute, but always declared that they knew they were guys right away. 

Our friend Michelle suggested that they would be terrific as Playboy Bunnies or Hooter Girls serving at a party and I really liked that idea--although the French maid was so much fun.   We had a surprise for both our girls at the party last night.   Jill's ex-girlfriend just started Spring Break so we invited her to come visit for the party.  She's staying with her best friend all weekend and we gave them Jill tonight.   Kristine is very impressed with how much progress Jill has made just since Christmas and will be starting here come Fall.  She is trying to find a way to get her parents to let her stay here over summer so she can have fun with Jill.   Jill was a little surprised to say the least for her ex to see her in her French Maid outfit serving all the party guests.

At 1 AM the party was still going strong when Cindy got her big surprise when we dimmed the lights and popped a video in the DVD player--there was Cindy in all her glory for everybody to see.   She was so embarrassed, but my friend Dana held her hand.  I thought it was just to make sure she didn't leave the room, but she also was telling her how cute she looked and making her feel better about the whole situation.   Not only did our friends accept us having sissy maids, I think I detected a lot of jealousy.  What a party!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Sort of Coming Out Party

We had a little meeting of our feminizers club and put together a list of exactly which of our friends could be trusted with the knowledge of our sissies without spreading it all over campus.   We came up with a list between us of I think 18 female and 10 male students.   We're going to have a party tomorrow and the maid service will be provided by Jill and Cindy who were less than thrilled with the news.  They have lovely matching French Maid outfits and they will be serving beer and food to everybody as well as cleaning up after the party.  The party isn't really going to be about them.   Most of our friends won't share our interest in sissies, but I think they'll like being waited on.   Of course, it'll be good and embarrassing for the sissies.

I hope you're enjoying Sex and the Sissy.  I don't want it overtaking their own blogs, but I definitely want them updating it frequently too.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sex and the Sissy

I'm sorry to say, I accidentally erased 3 posts with some excellent questions just now. When I said Scott is dating Jill previously, that is because Cindy cannot dress as herself in class yet. Instead, she wears boy clothes and pretends to be a boy. Scott was flirting with Jill before he ever found out that Jill had a little something extra and we insist in class that they act like a couple.

It has only happened very recently that we have made them refer to each other as girlfriends. We do make them kiss and hug and even talk sexy, but we're not making them go beyond that right now. Both sissies do need to learn to be the best girls they can be, but it's a bit less than I think what some of you think we're doing.

In answer to a previous question, we all feel differently about what we're doing and we all enjoy it for different reasons. I have decided that I am definitely a domme. While I don't get any joy from hurting somebody just to hurt them, the power of bending a guy to my whims is pretty awesome. When I see Jill and Cindy mincing around and acting like girly girls, I do get a bit excited sometimes.

Cindy and Jill are teaming up on a new blog and it'll have two differences from the current blog. First, they will not be giving their honest opinions the way they do on their own blogs, but instead acting the way we insist they act around us. They will be flirtatiously girlish as they talk about shopping and boys. I hope you'll encourage them because I think it'll be a lot of fun for all of us. The new blog is called Sex and the Sissy. You'll find a link in the sidebar.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Awesome Thing Happenned Today

Wednesday is where Cindy and Jill first met.  Cindy, then Scott started sitting by Jill and we would encourage a lot of flirting.   Since Scott has become Cindy, we encourage a ton of flirting.   Cindy carries Jill's books, stands when she arrives, passes notes, holds hands, play footsie and in general are under strict supervision to act in the most lovey, dovey way possible.  As we were leaving class today, two students one of whom is named Amanda came by and asked them if they were going out now.   Cindy choked out a weak yes.  She told them they were so cute together.   She said her boyfriend really didn't like PDA.   Cindy and Jill were both blushing profusely when the girls left.  It was great.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Makeup Chair

Today really wasn't supposed to be such a rough day for Cindy. It was cold and rainy all day, which isn't unusual, but things were looking up this week. Unfortunately, Cindy was invited by some friends to go to a party and we had actually given her last night off with the agreement that today she'd spend the whole time working on her makeup. When she asked me if she could go I told her that I bet her friends would love to see one of her new outfits and let her know that she'd be staying home. She would have none of that and we actually had to handcuff her ankles to a chair so that she would be stuck at the makeup mirror. We also had to make sure somebody was there babysitting her at all times. Tonight we turned the responsibilities over to Jill as we all had places to go.

Somebody had asked about having Cindy photograph different looks, but Cindy isn't quite there yet. Her makeup skills are that of your average 11 year old girl. Clumpy lashes, smeared lipstick, poked eyes are all par of the course. If Jill is any indication, she'll pick it up pretty quickly.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Makeup Sites

Wearing makeup is an important part of being a sissy and when we want Cindy to look her best, we're happy to make her face our palette, but I think it is much more feminine and much more powerful for her to apply her own makeup.   She's gotten a lot better after walking on her heels this week and while she's not there yet, a lot of my girlfriends aren't either.   When you wear heels 4 or 5 times a year, you're not going to be real graceful in them.    I think this weekend we're going to make her sit in front of the mirror and keep practicing her makeup until she's competent.  Do any of you sissies have any suggestions for good websites with tips, especially videos that she can watch.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Few More Answers

I got some great comments so I'm going to go ahead and give more insights.  It's sometimes tough to remember questions so I don't always get to answer:

Tying up the sissies - Thanks for the helpful links.   When we starting to feminize Jill we practiced on each other and used some videos to figure things out.   I prefer using the lark's head method.  It makes for a good knot and it isn't too hard to do.  We found some Youtube videos very useful from Ropeworld.

I really enjoyed some of your ideas for a web page.   Sissy advice or beauty advice could make for some great columns and it would embarrass them to have to write them which is a big bonus.

Dating Update - They will start having bi-weekly date nights on Friday nights.  As Cindy gets better in the feminine roll, they will start alternating, but for now Cindy will be the guy all the time.  I know what some of you are thinking, why let either of them be the guy?  We thought it'd make it much more fun if when they were acting romantic, they couldn't always just imagine that they're with a girl.  We're still not going to make them go real far, but some hand holding and a little kissing doesn't seem too much to ask.

It's possible we'll do a joint sissy blog too or we'll just have the web page take care of their together posts.  It does make sense that it's more difficult for people to message them individually about things that effect them both.

Come Summer they will have no access to boy clothes.   However, we did decide not to do anything that would be permanent to them.   I also just don't like permanent makeup--I don't wear a ton, but I believe makeup should be different depending on the occasion.  

Stephanie--we're in the midwest not in Texas.  The snow is just about off the ground except for some tiny little patches.   It won't be time for shorts and thin shirts with bra outlines for another 6 weeks.   I'll definitely get pictures like that come Spring time.  So far we've let some of our friends know what's going on and they've loved it.  Our friend Michelle has let us use her sorority a few times for fashion shows and a few of her friends know about it.   Jill's roommate knows and he's very open minded--he's a good guy.  There are a few girls on campus who work at shops that Jill has got her clothes at.   In general, everybody's been real positive, but then again we haven't told anybody that we thought would react negatively.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

You Guys Are Tough

I love the comments you post here and on their blogs.  I don't want to slight anybody, but I wanted to answer a few things.   Don't expect Jill or Cindy to be jumping for joy over their progress.   They're both new to the whole feminization thing and as soon as they get comfortable we push them past their comfort level--mean, but fun.   Cindy has a lot to master in a short time.   The biggest reason we decided to femme her is that Jill needed a roommate for summer if she was going to stay down at school.   We've got some fun ideas for their summer and we'll be looking for a place for them for summer soon.  Most of you post anonymously which I know saves time, but it makes it harder to tell you all apart:

I'd never say never about additional sissies, but we're not planning on more.  Two is a lot of work, but opens up interesting possibilities too.
I could see maybe doing a book sometime, but we're enjoying the doing a lot now.  We'll worry about chronicling it all later.

Cindy knows that she has to describe anything she's asked and answer any questions she's asked so if you want her to talk about her lessons, just ask her.

Cindy's blogging complaints--we decided when we were doing this with Jill that their blogs should be honest so that we could follow their reactions and see changes in attitude.

Now a question for you, what do you want to see on their web page?  We're looking to put a good web page together for them and we're looking for ideas.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a Great Day Friday Was

We had a lot of fun Friday. I read Jill's diary entry so I won't double up her entry information, but I was kind of shocked when Heather got the bright idea of tying Cindy up and taking her to the mall regardless of what she wanted. My original thought was to allow her to go in male attire and gradually feminize her from store to store, but this worked better.

We always get excellent service at the mall once the sales people see we're not there on a goof, but that we're actually spending money and lots of it. The makeup people at Sephora didn't show any apprehension and Cindy dropped a lot there as she needed everything. Jill needed a lot of clothes too. With the warmer weather it's going to be even harder for her to pass as a male. Her bra will show through a t-shirt, her shaved legs will be obvious in shorts, etc. Cindy doesn't have to worry about showing up to class as Cindy yet so they were looking for different things.

Taking any beginning sissy to Victoria's Secret is a blast. Cindy turned bright red, just like Jill did way back in September. We got her some cheap breast forms until she can save up for a nicer set. She also got her first bras. From now on, she'll be wearing the bras to class and the forms whenever she's home. We've got a little over 2 months to make her very passable for our summer plans to work.

Last night, Cindy gave a fashion show and that was a lot of fun for all of us. We hadn't had Jill give one in months. I think having the two of them model together would be a fun idea for next week.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shopping Trip Coming Up

Things have been going very well with Cindy, so we've decided that this weekend is an ideal time for a shopping trip.   It'll be a little tougher with Cindy than it was with Jill because Jill's family is loaded while Cindy's is just comfortably middle class.  She needs some bras, some makeup, and a few outfits of her own.  A pair of shoes that fit her properly would be nice too.  Beyond that, we'll just see what's on sale.   Oh yeah, definitely want to get her something pretty to sleep in.  She's really antsy about this and with good reason.   She knows that shopping with us is going to be quite an experience.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Working Her Hard

We worked our little Cindy very hard this weekend. Not only the blogging, but also trying to figure her way around a pair of heels. She was pretty fed up today so you can imagine being told that starting with Wednesday's class she had to be wearing pantyhose as well as panties from now one didn't go over very well. I've read a lot of great suggestions from you all, but some of them are way too advanced. I don't know where we're going to take things between Jill and Cindy, but no matter where things go they have to go very slow. Both of them think of themselves as strictly heterosexual. Making them kiss or hold hands is extremely fun, but beyond that will take a long time if at all. Any suggestions for improving Cindy's appearance are appreciated. She's looking great I think and it's fun having one blonde and one brunette.

We're working on a new web page for both of them, but it's going to take time and that's something none of us seem to have a lot of at the moment. I will confess that part of the reason for feminizing Cindy was that Jill needed a roommate before her parents would consider allowing her to move out of the dorms--voila problem is solved. I know she's gotten a ton of comments and questions and that's great. If you want to push some buttons, the following things really get her goat:

1. How were mere females able to so completely overpower you?
2. How does it feel knowing that the girl you thought was so hot turned out to be a guy?
3. How does it feel knowing other guys are checking you out and think you're hot?