Tuesday, August 24, 2010


CR and actually everybody had some wonderful suggestions for competitions.  We will be doing an America's Top Sissy contest after we get all the rules worked out.  We have always slutted the girls up from time to time, but we still expect them to be ladies just as we always have. 

We're starting to really get a good look at what we have to do to update the website.  There's a lot needed.  Even Amber's blog doesn't have a link.  We'll start working hard on this soon.

As for getting a new sissy, Amanda is against it, but I think I have Heather and Karen won over.  The target I have in mind would be interesting, I think he'd turn out great and he's really already trapped if I want to push it.  He's a TA that did some very unethical things last year.  I love all our sissies, but I don't want to do anything their girlfriends wouldn't approve of.  Having a sissy of our own means that we wouldn't have to worry about that.  

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Interesting Suggestions

So Amanda decided to ask some questions and she got some very interesting replies.  First, some are just too extreme.  However, I think we have the beginning of an awesome competition shaping up.  I like this very much!!  Also, the Disney Princess isn't for room decorating, although having a pillow or something would be sweet.  Let's see--here are some ideas for the sissy competition:

"Have an ongoing series. Let them earn points in different categories. Some that have to do with boys (best kisser, most dates with the same boy, things like that) Bonus points for specific accomplishments (first to ride on the back of a boy’s motorcycle, the first to get a boy to lend her a shirt or jacket). Other categories could be skill related (best cook, sew their own costumes for Halloween, learn a traditional feminine skill like knitting) Have them volunteer to type or file for some charity-points for hours.
Most overall points wins something big – like a weekend trip somewhere with a date. Let them win something smaller for each category and they all have to earn a minimum number of points so they all help the last one over the finish line."

This is awesome!!

who could collect the most phone numbers from boys at a crowded party/bar, lingerie wrestling matches against each other, a simulated female orgasm contest (ideally filmed and recorded). If you want to go more extreme, the erotic dancing ideas sound fun to watch, or perhaps a simulated blow job contest (performed on dildos...presumably).
Some really good ideas here too.  

2-A lap dancing contest. If some of your guy friends want to be on the receiving end all the better.

If we can get some of our guy friends in on this, I think it'd be a keeper.

So what do you guys think?  Any other competition ideas.  This is really shaping into a fun competition.  I like things like this because the sissies wanting to win, will try much harder than in we simply make them do something and they go through the motions.   

I really think we're going to want to add one more sissy.  Jill, Cindy, and Amber all have a primary mistress now.  We're all happy to help, but we need one where we are in charge.  I have a candidate too and an easy way to get him into dresses too.   We'll see.  I'm hearing from some of the others that 4 is too many, but I really want at least one sissy totally under our control.

Finally, Colleen and Kristine have their blog up.  I'll post a link to it in our blogroll. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We're Back

Well, we're all back. It's good to be back. We have a lot of things to take care of including a few things that should have already been done. We have found a perfect little place for the three sissies and made sure they had permission to paint. We're toying with giving them each a different Disney Princess theme for each of their rooms. This Fall is really going to be sissy boot camp as we want each of them to take things to another level. Jill is so close to being able to live and act totally as a woman without anybody ever knowing. Cindy is ready for a girl job and to interact with others as a woman everyday. Amber will be the full time maid and she needs to work on her domestic skills as well as being able to pass in her classes. We're not going to slack off and we made it clear to the sissies. They will be spending very little time in men's clothing this semester and they will be expected to talk, move, and act like the women they will appear to be--where possible we even expect them to think like women.

Does Amber interact with boys? Do the maid's clean up after boys? Not much. Peter and Dan are friends of ours who get maid service in their apartment. Tom is a boy that Cindy dated that gets maid service and Matt is Karen's boyfriend--also on the maid list.

Somebody said we should have them rush. Unfortunately, when you go through the process the sororities get all sorts of info on you and they would stand out as guys pledging right away.

Are the sissies just projects or do you see them as friends now? What do you think will happen when they're released? They are friends now. Yes, they started as projects, but we've spent a lot of time and they do grow on you. Release--and I don't know that I've ever said this to Jill--is not total freedom. It's freedom and not having to follow orders or dress up daily, but it doesn't mean I won't call her up when she's thirty and tell her I want her to get her maid outfit together and serve at a party. Sorry, but that's how I feel about it.

Dating boys is a must for the feminine experience. Amber is almost at that point and will do so under Susan's watchful eye. I think Kristine and Colleen would love to double date with their sissy boyfriends as well.

How about some questions for you.

1. Which Disney Princess does each sissy remind you of?
2. What would be a good category for a top sissy contest?
3. Do you think we're too nice, too mean, or just right?
4. What is the outfit you would like to see each sissy wear the most?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Odds and Ends

I hope you like pictures of Amber because that's all I really have on my hard drive. The other maid with Amber in the previous picture was Cindy--somebody had asked.

One comment I read, which I'm leaving unposted for the others said, that we despised the sissies when they were men. That's really not true. Speaking for me, Amber was my boyfriend and even though he admittedly had some character flaws and a roving eye, I still cared enough about him to want to do this. If I despised him, when I put him in the dress, I would have duct taped him to the big statue in the middle of campus ala Veronica Mars (Great show by the way).

I can't speak for the other mistresses, but before I became involved I read all the blogs from start to finish and I have had a chance to see how things with the sissies and mistresses are now. Jill was just a freshman who thought she was God's gift to women and to the university in general. They put him in a dress to take him down a peg and were shocked how much fun they had and realized they could keep doing it. He was an annoyance, but I don't think they despised him. Cindy was more convenient than anything. They really only saw him in one class I think, but being smitten with Jill is what got him turned.

We do root for our girls and they have grown from the experience. I have thought a bit about how things will be with Amber and I, if we do eventually get married. I will not be keeping her in dresses 24/7. However, there will be a few outfits, a paddle, and some sturdy, but soft clothesline for those moments when she forgets who wears the pants and who wears the pantyhose in this relationship.

Finally, the mistress summit was more than anything just a girls night extended over a couple of days. We did discuss things this year. One thing that we discussed, I could definitely see them taking another sissy at sometime just because they are losing some control over Jill and Cindy to Kristine and Colleen. They also know that four sissies is a lot of work so we'll see. I think we may get the sissies matching sorority sweaters if they're living together. Anybody have any ideas? There already is a Sigma Iota Sigma.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Wow, what poor communication on our parts. The school year will be starting for us very soon. A money saving trick that a lot of us use is to get an apartment lease through August 1 instead of September 1 and then go visit the parents and avoid paying double rent for August. There is a lot of new news. I'll try and give you the highlights of what I heard and what I learned.

Mistresses Retreat - We took 3 days together at a cottage to party, drink heavily, relax and discuss plans for the sissies moving forward. All the mistresses were there including our mistresses in training Colleen and Kristine. We agreed three sissies is plenty for now and that isn't likely to change. We agreed that the three of them would move in together in a slightly larger place. We agreed that Cindy is ready for a job, but that Amber isn't ready to go to class en femme yet. She's very close though and we will be giving her plenty of incentive.

Jill - Big news, I'll let her tell you about, but her family knows a little about her experimenting with crossdressing and they are supportive. They don't know the full extent, but they handled it really cool. I think I like them.

Cindy - The chastity belt returned from Germany and is working much better. She is locked away. At this time we will not be doing this to Amber or Jill. Cindy's family really likes Colleen and that takes away some of the worry about his more feminized appearance. She did have to give up the silk nails before going home, much to Wendy's disappointment.

Amber - Amber isn't ready to pass yet, but that's mostly a voice issue. Her mannerisms are getting more feminine and she still is resisting, but she is getting more cooperative.

Me - Stuck here because of my job. I miss my folks, but I really miss my puppy. People will be returning soon, beginning with Amber this week. I wish I could have gone home with her. No telling what bad habits she picked up.