Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We're Back

Well, we're all back. It's good to be back. We have a lot of things to take care of including a few things that should have already been done. We have found a perfect little place for the three sissies and made sure they had permission to paint. We're toying with giving them each a different Disney Princess theme for each of their rooms. This Fall is really going to be sissy boot camp as we want each of them to take things to another level. Jill is so close to being able to live and act totally as a woman without anybody ever knowing. Cindy is ready for a girl job and to interact with others as a woman everyday. Amber will be the full time maid and she needs to work on her domestic skills as well as being able to pass in her classes. We're not going to slack off and we made it clear to the sissies. They will be spending very little time in men's clothing this semester and they will be expected to talk, move, and act like the women they will appear to be--where possible we even expect them to think like women.

Does Amber interact with boys? Do the maid's clean up after boys? Not much. Peter and Dan are friends of ours who get maid service in their apartment. Tom is a boy that Cindy dated that gets maid service and Matt is Karen's boyfriend--also on the maid list.

Somebody said we should have them rush. Unfortunately, when you go through the process the sororities get all sorts of info on you and they would stand out as guys pledging right away.

Are the sissies just projects or do you see them as friends now? What do you think will happen when they're released? They are friends now. Yes, they started as projects, but we've spent a lot of time and they do grow on you. Release--and I don't know that I've ever said this to Jill--is not total freedom. It's freedom and not having to follow orders or dress up daily, but it doesn't mean I won't call her up when she's thirty and tell her I want her to get her maid outfit together and serve at a party. Sorry, but that's how I feel about it.

Dating boys is a must for the feminine experience. Amber is almost at that point and will do so under Susan's watchful eye. I think Kristine and Colleen would love to double date with their sissy boyfriends as well.

How about some questions for you.

1. Which Disney Princess does each sissy remind you of?
2. What would be a good category for a top sissy contest?
3. Do you think we're too nice, too mean, or just right?
4. What is the outfit you would like to see each sissy wear the most?


  1. 1- I would have to go with Jasmine for Jill, Cindarella for Cindy, and Belle for Amber. 2- Put them on stage to do a sexy striptease down to the bra and panties, and see who gets the most applause. 3- You are definitely too nice. True sissies must be castrated, and develope some brests of thier own. 4- The skimpy bikini or lingerie always gets my attention, along a beautiful wedding gown, BUT that black dress with those red heels on Jills wallpaper photo is SEXY as hell, and that light green little skirt with the white top is great on cindy, and the tight black shorts and red top on Amber aren't to shabby either.

  2. For a Top Sissy contest it absolutely must have something to do with sex and cute guys... I am thinking the first one to get a guy to cum would be the winner.. the sissies can use any method they want.. give a hand job, blowjob, let the guy fuck them, kiss the guy, whatever they need to.


  3. Ms Amanda,

    Here are my nominations for Disney Princess identifications for your sissies:

    In The Little Mermaid, red-haired Ariel seized the opportunity to be transformed to have the chance to win over the one she loved. Like Amber in a way.

    Having trouble in Cindy's case. Blond-haired Cinderella doesn't seem too analogous. How about Snow White, who was lured into her predicament but was then discovered by one with whom she fell in love?

    As for Jill, how about Belle of Beauty and the Beast? She had to cope with unwanted captivity, but made the best of it. Open, honest Belle had depth of character exceeding what met the eye. She ultimately won over her captor, and found love and happiness.

    That said, maybe you'll miss an opportunity if you dictate their living spaces to strictly. If you would give them the latitude to arrange their place within certain overall stipulations, maybe they would surprise you by arranging a smart, neat, functional, feminine apartment that would meet with your approval. Isn't taking pride in one's living space a big part of femininity?



  4. Ms Amanda,

    I like what you said in the paragraph addressing whether your sissies are just projects, or friends. If I imagine myself as having had Jill's current experiences in my past, but now back to living as a man and married to a woman whose authority I respect (Which I am!), then shouldn't it be my Wife whom you would call to request my maid services at your party? Perhaps she would have come to know all of you, would attend the party herself as your guest while I enjoy carrying out my duties and making all of you proud. Maybe the other members of our sissy club would be there too, and after cleaning up we'd have some laughs recounting old times at college.

    Anyway, that's what my imagination just did with your suggestion of calling Jill up for service when she's thirty!



  5. 1-Jill could be Snow White since she was the earliest sissy. The seven dwarfs are replaced with seven mistresses. Cindy could be Cinderella. You could say Scott's clock struck midnight. Amber could be the little mermaid since she was always wanting something different and it got her in trouble.
    2-A lap dancing contest. If some of your guy friends want to be on the receiving end all the better.
    3-I do not know. We only know what you choose to tell us. You have a history of leaving out the juicier details.
    4-Trashier the better. They need to blend in when out in public. A true sissy loves looking slutty. I could see the three sissies at home wearing stripper outfits.

  6. Hi Amanda.....As to the names of Disney Princesses, I would vote as follows:
    Amber would naturally be Ariel
    Cindy ...Cinderella if only because it is a natural extension.
    Jill is the hardest but I would go with Belle.

    As for a "Sissy Contest" I think something along the lines of so many reality shows on TV. Each week the Sissies could be judged by the Mistresses on how feminine they acted with the following results:
    The winner each week would get a reward
    The runnerup each week would be 'safe.'
    The loser would get a punishment which would be designed to motivate her.

    I think all of you are great. Mistresses need respect so you will have to be firm.

    Personally, as to the outfits, the more feminine the better. I thought the goal was not to make them stand out as 'sissies' so much as to have them blend in as women. Keeping them in dresses and short skirts is my vote. :)

  7. Welcome back, all! I missed hearing about your wonderful little universe over the last few weeks.

    As for Amanda's questions:

    1) The answers of Bobby & others above are clever and more informed than I can offer.

    2) Many suggestions so far appear to be pornographic---which is great---but if you were thinking of something less hardcore, you could go with who could collect the most phone numbers from boys at a crowded party/bar, lingerie wrestling matches against each other, a simulated female orgasm contest (ideally filmed and recorded). If you want to go more extreme, the erotic dancing ideas sound fun to watch, or perhaps a simulated blow job contest (performed on dildos...presumably).

    3) My vote is for "just right", as in just the right amount of compulsion to force them to do things they otherwise wouldn't, mixed with just the right amount of sexiness to make it sound like a fantasy made real. You seem to keep them off balance with new surprises and challenges all the time, which keeps things fresh and with a sharp erotic edge.

    4) Some of your best stuff---IMHO---has been when you amigas have forced them into sexy-woman-costume-stereotypes (French maid, Hooters girl, Playboy Bunny, ballet costumes, etc.). The bikinis and super tight jeans are great too, and more clingy workout outfits would be nice. I would really love to see all 3 sissies in a girly slumber party scene; not the comfy pajamas kind of reality, the fantasy elaborate lingerie and makeup kind (with pillow fight, of course).

    As always, keep up the great work.

  8. 1. Let the sissies pick their own Disney character. They should be thinking about what a boy would see when he came into their room.
    2. Have an ongoing series. Let them earn points in different categories. Some that have to do with boys (best kisser, most dates with the same boy, things like that) Bonus points for specific accomplishments (first to ride on the back of a boy’s motorcycle, the first to get a boy to lend her a shirt or jacket). Other categories could be skill related (best cook, sew their own costumes for Halloween, learn a traditional feminine skill like knitting) Have them volunteer to type or file for some charity-points for hours.
    Most overall points wins something big – like a weekend trip somewhere with a date. Let them win something smaller for each category and they all have to earn a minimum number of points so they all help the last one over the finish line.
    3. You are just fine. But if you start taking suggestion from ohers, remember that you are responsible to keep them safe. They are just sissies and need your protection.
    4.Oversized boy clothes like the football jerseys and bare belly clothes

  9. I agree with Connie, Ms Amanda. No slutty posturing for these sissies, please. You've been training them to be nice girls. But there's nothing wrong with feminine casual wear. One of my favorite photos is Amber in those beat-up jeans in her July 5 post, apparently her attire to see the fireworks with Ms Susan. Very feminine, very cute and comfortable looking.