Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Newest Blogger

This weekend, Cindy has been hard at work learning to master walking in heels. In between hobbling around we set up a blog for her. We told her that she needs to ask any clean questions so please feel free to ask her embarrassing questions or to comment on what a sissy she is. It's all part of breaking down her defenses a bit. You can find her at:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Impromptu Photo Session

We had an impromptu photo session with our two girls tonight and had them do some modeling together at my friend Michelle's sorority house. It gave us a chance to get some clothes that fit Cindy as she's a bit tall for some of our stuff and it gave us a chance to pose them together. It also really embarrassed Cindy and Jill as they were constantly worried about who would see them. Our main goal for Cindy right now is a lot of pictures in a lot of different outfits and locations so that if we say she's been dressing up since before we even met her, she'll be completely unable to deny it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cindy in Panties

She showed up for class today in her panties.  I really thought she'd die when we made Jill reach into her pants to check.   A lot of you have been asking about having Jill and Cindy become lovers, but it's just too soon to tell.  Making them kiss or tease each other is one thing, but we haven't decided beyond that nor will we for awhile.   Cindy does make a very attractive girl, but she's just a babe in the woods.   We told her when we see her for class Wednesday we want to see her in a different pair of panties.   She looked very quizzically at me as she explained that she was wearing her only pair, I busted out laughing as I told her that I guess she had some shopping to do.   Cindy was also very concerned about the website.   She wanted to know if she went along with things if that meant she wouldn't be embarrassed.  I told her that she'd be well beyond embarrassed, but that it'd be even worse if she didn't cooperate and that there's a difference between being embarrassed privately and being embarrassed in front of your fellow students, friends, parents, and co-workers.   She reluctantly agreed.  

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update on Scott

We have spent most of the afternoon putting together a web page for him.  It's only temporary and misleading.  It basically claims that he and Jill are lovers, that he loves dressing like a girl, and he begs us to dominate him.  I just sent him an email informing him that if he's willing to submit to our demands then nobody has to see the pictures.  If he agrees he should wear his panties to class tomorrow and we will be checking.   This should be quite interesting to see.  Check out the web page, I think you'll like.  If you see this tonight, let him know you like his pictures.   Things will progress a lot easier for us if he'll simply cooperate.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

He Will Be a Real Cutie

He's going to be extremely pretty when we're done with him. We made him model several outfits last night and you could definitely see it. We dropped him off in his dorm room in the white dress in that photo at about 3AM. This morning, he is probably wondering how to get his finger nails unpainted. He whined a lot, but in the end was completely compliant. We made Jill help him shave his legs and then we were teasing them through the bathroom door about what was taking them so long. They emerged each with silky smooth legs and bright red blushing faces.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Guess Who Stopped By?

We gave Scott a test.  We told him to be here tonight at 7:00 in the bra, panties, and hose that we made him wear home last time we dressed him up.  I'm happy to report, he's sitting on a chair in the other room while his nails dry and we wait for Amanda and Heather to show up.   He's pouting and whining, but he's going along with things, which is the key.  Hopefully, we'll get a great photo collection tonight and then his goose will be cooked.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


If you have written to him thank you.   He was hinting that people he didn't know complimented him on how he looked in his dress.   We've given him an ultimatum of Friday to come over for a makeover.  One thing we have not told him is about these blogs.  Please do not tell him about the blogs.   We want him to think that we don't really have him trapped so showing him what Jill went through is a bad idea. 

Monday, February 15, 2010


As you may have read over on Jill's blog,   Her Valentines Day date was a boy in one of her classes named Scott.   Scott for lack of a better word is a dick.  One of the reasons, we had Jill start flirting with him is because of the humiliation factor of it.  Well, last night one thing lead to another and we found it necessary to give Scott the treatment.  We reasoned that since it worked on one dick why not another.

Now, that's a rather blitzed Scott.   This is the new improved Scott, who we are now calling Cindy:
He seems incapable of believing that a) He is recognizable or that b) People won't automatically think he is tied up and under duress simply because his hands are behind his back.   Anyway, he's screwed and we know he's screwed, but this is something that needs to be pointed out to him.   Feel free to email Cindy at and let her know that she seems to be perfectly happy and very pretty in her red dress.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wow You All Nag :)

Yes, we're still going to keep updating, but it's hard to always remember.   When we notice Jill getting behind we can order and threaten, but it isn't like we can exactly do it with each other.  We've cut Jill a little slack with her blog because of how busy she's been.  The same goes for us.  A new semester is always difficult, but things are finally settling in a bit.   Jill was in a great mood when we got back from Las Vegas, but then immediately began to throw a tantrum over going to class in proper attire.   This too has passed and seems to now be settling into her role fairly nicely.  There will be some more changes made as we look ahead to the summer.  Vegas was a lot of fun.  We put some vacation pictures to music.  Hopefully, this brings Jill a bit more fame:

Jill's Sissy Holiday in Vegas from SheSheila on Vimeo.