Monday, February 22, 2010

Cindy in Panties

She showed up for class today in her panties.  I really thought she'd die when we made Jill reach into her pants to check.   A lot of you have been asking about having Jill and Cindy become lovers, but it's just too soon to tell.  Making them kiss or tease each other is one thing, but we haven't decided beyond that nor will we for awhile.   Cindy does make a very attractive girl, but she's just a babe in the woods.   We told her when we see her for class Wednesday we want to see her in a different pair of panties.   She looked very quizzically at me as she explained that she was wearing her only pair, I busted out laughing as I told her that I guess she had some shopping to do.   Cindy was also very concerned about the website.   She wanted to know if she went along with things if that meant she wouldn't be embarrassed.  I told her that she'd be well beyond embarrassed, but that it'd be even worse if she didn't cooperate and that there's a difference between being embarrassed privately and being embarrassed in front of your fellow students, friends, parents, and co-workers.   She reluctantly agreed.  


  1. Congratulations girls, you have done a great job. Though I'm not sure how Cindy could have said no to you! Will she be starting her own blog in the future documenting her progress like Jill?

  2. I am a sissy in London, England and have just come across your wonderful blog which I have read from beginning to end and am amazed at the transformation of Jill from boorish male to gorgeous female. Jill is a simply a fantastic advertisement of sissyhood and I am soooo jealous of the lovely dresses and skirts you make 'her' wear. How I wish I had fallen into your dominant web and had 4 amazing ladies turn me into such a pretty sissy.

    I shall be following your blog really closely from now on and can't wait to see the further feminization of Jill and Cindy as well as seeing how many other lucky 'boys' you turn into simpering, adorable sissies.


    Sissy isobel

  3. Girls they look soooo cute....jealous of them.