Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Gurls Are Alright

Hey,  the wedding was amazing!  Plenty of pics, but waiting until Wendy is post honeymoon to discuss what can be displayed.   It was a very avant garde group, but Uncle Harold might not want to be seen in the background of a picture and while there were other beauticians and stylists (who gave the gurls a ton of attention) there were also regular family members and friends many of whom may never have learned that half the bridesmaids were guys.   It was so much fun including a rowdy bachelorette party with a poll dancing class.  I was extremely proud of all the sissies including Xiu who really made an effort.

That was the good news.  The bad news is that wedding ended leaving us with a lot of final papers due this week and a lot of grading for our T & A TAs.  Next week is finals week and that leads right into the big move to Sissy House which is practically it's own sorority.   I'm not going to be too strict about posting until the move is done, but after that expect a lot of posts from Xiu and Katie and plenty from Cindy and Amber as well.  Hopefully, even some Jill.   I want them all to give their recollections of the wedding events, which I think it's kind of neat they got to experience the other side of the festivities.   To try and soften the blow, here is Princess Leia Xiugana from the big Princess Party.