Monday, October 25, 2010

So Much Shopping Fun

Homecoming dresses and Halloween Costumes need to be purchased!  Everybody is busy even the mistresses helping with this and of course making our own purchases.  Xiu startled Amber a bit when her hands went roving, but it depends on who you talk to whether she already knew or not.  I'm believing Amber on this myself.  There doesn't seem to be any lingering hostility though and they should be a great couple for Homecoming.  It's kind of funny that Jill has never done a Homecoming as a guy.

Amy: I don't know about a timeline, but Bill became Jill in September of last year, Cindy joined our little group in February,  Susan brought Amber into the sorority in June, and Xiu came along in September. 

Xiu will be dating, but not for awhile.  She's not ready by any means.

I love the Halloween costume contest. We have plans for that and you'll all get to vote.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

She Figured it Out

Well, Xiu figured out that Amber is a guy and has figured out a lot of things that are going on. We're not disappointed because we knew this day would come and we got a lot done before then. We've been holding back on a video until she could enjoy the attention. No need to wait now.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


 We have decided to have the sissies find dates for Homecoming this year, which should be a lot of fun.   It's always fun when we can send them all to a formal or semi-formal.  Of course, Xiu isn't ready yet to go en femme, so the plan is for Xiu to go with Amber.  We gave Amber the goal of four dates without being discovered and she's halfway there.  Jill and Cindy of course will have to flirt their way into dates.

Xiu is beautiful.  There's no other way to say it.  Her looks require so little work compared to other things.  Kristy should work out real well.  She's not exactly a mistress, but she's agreed to make sure that Xiu is doing what she's supposed to and that's probably better.  I'd rather not have to share.  Kristy had some great ideas for Chinese themed costumes and props we could use too.  I think Xiu is very close to figuring out just how stuck she is so it's important that we get every ounce of control we can get out of this we can.

CR - I'll check out the tramp stamps.  I love it

Bill - You're overthinking.  We didn't have to dress and tie Xiu.  She was already dressed.

Anon - We really need to update the Wix pages.  Sorry for the delay.  For higher res photos try the backgrounds on their blogs

Friday, October 15, 2010

Big Hurdle Crossed

We probably came as close to torturing Xiu as we ever have, but it was unfortunately necessary.  I felt a bit guilty afterward, but there was now that Xiu would be able to practice the skills she needs without a roommate knowing.  There was no pain or anything, but a lot of bondage and threats.  I will make it up to her a bit, but if she's going to be my sissy she needs to know that things will be done my way.

It took a lot of convincing to get Xiu to reallize her best option was to tell her roommate that she was experimenting with her gender and would be dressing up around the apartment, but would not do so in anyway that would embarrass her.   Her roommate's name is Kristy and she strikes me as a very serious girl, but I have only had one brief meeting with her.  I can't see Kristy ever participating, but I'd love to have her watching to make sure that Xiu does what she's supposed to.  I can do it subtlety by asking questions and pretending it's just curiosity as in "Did Xiu dress up last night?"  I think that may keep Xiu on his toes.

Xiu went out on his date with Amber and it seemed to be going pretty well.  Cindy and Jill are keeping an eye on them as Xiu really doesn't know them. 

Xiu is pronounced the same way as au jus.   It's like the J in Jacque followed by the ew sound.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shopping and MORE

Shopping went a lot longer than I planned.  When the dust cleared early this afternoon, Xiu had spent over $1000 between her and us.  She has heels, flats, dressy clothes, casual clothes, her own makeup, and even fake nails.  She has the clothes now to look like a debutante or a girl gone wild depending on our mood.  Things went so well that I made her order her breast forms today.  We even took her to Chinatown to shop for a few things traditional to her Chinese heritage.  The shop was recommended to me by a Chinese salesgirl who said there was absolutely nothing wrong with playing up the mysterious Asian woman thing because it drives some guys wild. She's figured out it's not ending at Halloween.  I really liked that one, but she still doesn't get just what she's in for or how much power she's given us.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Today's The Day

Right now, Amanda is in her bedroom with Xiu giving her a makeover.   She's got a plan to get her in heels and a miniskirt by letting her wear a t-shirt by telling her I was insisting she show off either her non-existent boobs or her legs.  Amanda is amazingly good at playing good cop and while I don't think Xiu completely trusts her, she is looking at her as her best chance to get out of this with any dignity left.  I've been playing up the bad cop and even told her I'm carrying handcuffs in my purse and if she doesn't cooperate we'll leave her in one of the dressing rooms.  Amanda immediately defended her by saying, "He'll cooperate".  Thanks for all your help with this too.

Xiu still doesn't really get just how much leverage she's given me.  We've got so many pictures already and now I've got an email from her account begging us to make her over without any mention that it's even the slightest bit under duress. 

Bobby I don't have a read on the roommate yet.  I don't think they're particularly close, but I still don't think she'd approve of our project and it's a big risk.  However, when Jill started out she had to dress in front of a male roommate. There's no reason Xiu can't do the same in front of a female one.  I wish I knew anything about her.

Today won't be the day as both Cindy and Jill are off.  However, I definitely intend to have her shop at Cindy's store when she's there and can take advantage of her discount while adding to her commission.  That's a definite. Having Jill wait on her is a plus too of course.

Before Xiu becomes totally feminized, I think it's time for Amber to make her move.   We thought dating Xiu in male form would be great dating experience for Amber.   Well, we're off to shop.  Of course I'll post pics and details.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Xiu's Big Day

Xiu is slowly, but steadily realizing just how trapped she is. I must say she's been slower on the uptake than either Amber or Cindy. Amber found out about the other blogs right away. Xiu hasn't even figured out why we keep taking pictures of her yet. Things are very tricky with Xiu. She has a female housemate, which seems to be more a financial arrangement then anything else. Several have commented on her eyebrows giving her away and we do need to neaten them, but we don't want to have her looks make it impossible for her to work as a guy (with female undergarments naturally).

One nice thing is that like Jill, Xiu comes from money. Her parents are both doctors and that means, they won't look too askew at their son taking out a few hundreds bucks and start wondering why. Keep mentioning to her that she'll be less embarrassed if she shops dressed up. I've been nicely offering to help her pass while Sheila has been laughing about how she's going to hold dresses up to her in the middle of the store when she's dressed as a boy. If we can take her shopping dressed, we can take her to the makeup counter, which is always a lot of fun.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Xiu and the Other Sissies

Xiu is getting all the attention now because she's new, but that will be changing.  I've got more to talk about her now, but first I had an amazing birthday party last night.  They even brought a stripper who had a lot of fun at a party that was 80% girls.   Amber, Cindy, and Jill all got to participate, but Xiu wasn't ready so she spent the night watching videos that I found on Youtube from somebody named Bubz who is Chinese and exactly the look and attitude that I want from Xiu.  I have such great friends.  

Thanks for all the comments for Xiu.   It helps to see her attitude and it does help to break her. I especially like those of you working psychology beautifully.  She's very prideful and getting her to talk about how she feels being bested and controlled by a woman is great.   I can't cover up the profiles so if you can post anonymously that's even better.  I think we can set him up on a date or two with Amber, which kills about a half dozen birds with one stone.

Just remember that we don't have do Xiu the same way we did the others.  There are advantages with Xiu that we didn't have with the others, but also different obstacles.   I'm just enjoying things as I can. Yesterday we had an early morning modeling session and I honestly think Xiu may be our hottest sissy yet.   My friend has been a huge help as I want her to have that cute anime-type girl vibe, without being racist or having her going around saying, "Me rove you long time."  Even though Roger is very Americanized and not very Chinese, there's no reason Xiu has to be.

Our boyfriends aren't scared we're going to feminize them.  I don't think they think we could (They're wrong lol), but some of this has changed us a bit.  We've talked about it.  I think I'm more sexually aggressive than I used to be and while I wouldn't force my boyfriend to put on one of my nighties, it might spice things up a bit.  The link to was interesting, but not quite me.   I do understand the feeling of harvesting sissies though. 

I love you guys.  Just remember my life isn't your life or your fantasy.  We may be much nicer to the sissies or much crueler to the sissies than you would want.  We definitely have limits, but they aren't your limits necessarily.  By now, you should know where we're coming from.