Wednesday, October 20, 2010


 We have decided to have the sissies find dates for Homecoming this year, which should be a lot of fun.   It's always fun when we can send them all to a formal or semi-formal.  Of course, Xiu isn't ready yet to go en femme, so the plan is for Xiu to go with Amber.  We gave Amber the goal of four dates without being discovered and she's halfway there.  Jill and Cindy of course will have to flirt their way into dates.

Xiu is beautiful.  There's no other way to say it.  Her looks require so little work compared to other things.  Kristy should work out real well.  She's not exactly a mistress, but she's agreed to make sure that Xiu is doing what she's supposed to and that's probably better.  I'd rather not have to share.  Kristy had some great ideas for Chinese themed costumes and props we could use too.  I think Xiu is very close to figuring out just how stuck she is so it's important that we get every ounce of control we can get out of this we can.

CR - I'll check out the tramp stamps.  I love it

Bill - You're overthinking.  We didn't have to dress and tie Xiu.  She was already dressed.

Anon - We really need to update the Wix pages.  Sorry for the delay.  For higher res photos try the backgrounds on their blogs


  1. oh my goodness, what a HOT outfit, sissy Xiu is wearing ! ~~ pansy

  2. She *DOES* look beautiful! what a wonderful job you all do!

  3. *smiles* any guy shoud be lucky to go out with any of them. Thy are all very beutifull and shounds like thy know how to have a good time with out it needed to get down and dirty.

    Xiu is sounding some conserns about her grading you wonderfull girls, please make her understand she need to do it with out thinking about thise, and you girls need to understand that what ever she give you, you need to accept it. But if thy are bad speak with her about what you girls need to do better in, and maybe use her as a touter if needed.


  4. Homecoming! Wouldn’t this be a perfect time to enjoy the sissy contest?

    I could think of a handful of contests

    hunkiest date
    sexiest dress
    most slow dances
    latest one out with her guy
    most private quality time in private with him.
    prettiest hair or nails

    I’ll bet you can think of better ideas.

    And Amber would be fully competitive (except for hunkiest date)

  5. I may be time to assign new email addresses for your sissys! It's Easy. It's Free. It's Anonymous. It's Forever.

    We're very excited about our feMail system girls. Blowing away even HotMail® , & Yahoo Maill®, this system will allow you to do your girlish correspondence under your chosen sissify feMail address. No more worries of insecure email! No more fretting about system administrators at your workplace! No more using questionable means to get your girlish gossip out to the world!

    Trust your secrets to feMail.

  6. Can you, in your next post, give a timeline of how long each sissy had been around?