Sunday, October 3, 2010

Xiu and the Other Sissies

Xiu is getting all the attention now because she's new, but that will be changing.  I've got more to talk about her now, but first I had an amazing birthday party last night.  They even brought a stripper who had a lot of fun at a party that was 80% girls.   Amber, Cindy, and Jill all got to participate, but Xiu wasn't ready so she spent the night watching videos that I found on Youtube from somebody named Bubz who is Chinese and exactly the look and attitude that I want from Xiu.  I have such great friends.  

Thanks for all the comments for Xiu.   It helps to see her attitude and it does help to break her. I especially like those of you working psychology beautifully.  She's very prideful and getting her to talk about how she feels being bested and controlled by a woman is great.   I can't cover up the profiles so if you can post anonymously that's even better.  I think we can set him up on a date or two with Amber, which kills about a half dozen birds with one stone.

Just remember that we don't have do Xiu the same way we did the others.  There are advantages with Xiu that we didn't have with the others, but also different obstacles.   I'm just enjoying things as I can. Yesterday we had an early morning modeling session and I honestly think Xiu may be our hottest sissy yet.   My friend has been a huge help as I want her to have that cute anime-type girl vibe, without being racist or having her going around saying, "Me rove you long time."  Even though Roger is very Americanized and not very Chinese, there's no reason Xiu has to be.

Our boyfriends aren't scared we're going to feminize them.  I don't think they think we could (They're wrong lol), but some of this has changed us a bit.  We've talked about it.  I think I'm more sexually aggressive than I used to be and while I wouldn't force my boyfriend to put on one of my nighties, it might spice things up a bit.  The link to was interesting, but not quite me.   I do understand the feeling of harvesting sissies though. 

I love you guys.  Just remember my life isn't your life or your fantasy.  We may be much nicer to the sissies or much crueler to the sissies than you would want.  We definitely have limits, but they aren't your limits necessarily.  By now, you should know where we're coming from.


  1. so hot looks like she is enjoying that hunk of man behind her

  2. Again, Happy B-day! That pic of Cindy with the stripper is priceless, though she doesn't look too thrilled for some reason...she looks concerned and vulnerable. I'm surprised you let her get away with such a modest outfit. I hope ALOT of pics were taken at the party, and I really hope we get to see more of them. Indeed, though I'm sure it is alot of work, it would be great if some more 'movies' were posted; they really show the 'progress' that the sissies are making in an incredibly vivid way. As always, great stuff.

  3. Fun picture. What happens next?

  4. I'm much older than you all and what you have
    done for Bill/Jill, he should be very grateful
    for. His idea that college is for drinking and
    doing as many girls as possible is stupid and
    immature. Hopefully you corrected this idea.
    So you're not being cruel, you are helping them.
    All of them. -Bill

  5. Wow! You guys are just amazing. What a party! Just when you get us all lost in Xiu you remind us this is about your having fun.

    You are right. This is your life and we are all grateful that you share it with us.

    Are there more photos? Jill is in the background all giggles. Did she participate or just watch?

    I know that the girls are very busy but I have to say that I miss Sex and the Sissy. I would love to have the girls talk about hoe exciting it was to be underneath a big hunky guy.

  6. wow, I notice that Xiu can blog every day. I also wonder when you girls will cross a line and get in trouble, but until that day please keep the stories coming. I am having such fun reading and wondering about changing my boyfriend...just a little :)


  7. Your birthday party made me think that maybe your sissies should have a "birthday" to celebrate the day they became sissies. An old fashioned girl slumber party complete with make up and doing each others nails and hair. Would be fun to be part of.:)