Monday, October 25, 2010

So Much Shopping Fun

Homecoming dresses and Halloween Costumes need to be purchased!  Everybody is busy even the mistresses helping with this and of course making our own purchases.  Xiu startled Amber a bit when her hands went roving, but it depends on who you talk to whether she already knew or not.  I'm believing Amber on this myself.  There doesn't seem to be any lingering hostility though and they should be a great couple for Homecoming.  It's kind of funny that Jill has never done a Homecoming as a guy.

Amy: I don't know about a timeline, but Bill became Jill in September of last year, Cindy joined our little group in February,  Susan brought Amber into the sorority in June, and Xiu came along in September. 

Xiu will be dating, but not for awhile.  She's not ready by any means.

I love the Halloween costume contest. We have plans for that and you'll all get to vote.


  1. It looks like the girls are ready to have fun with the contest.

    How about a trip to a day spa as a prize? A manicure, a pedicure and a facial.

    The ultimate would be a full body massage. Put a blind fold on the girl so she does not have to worry about whether those hands belong to a male or a female.

    Maybe she could bring along a girlfriend to share the experience. Maybe Wendy knows how to set it up.

  2. I'd say, if all are good, all sissies should be treated to the full body massage - as long as the masseuse knows what's going on and can keep mouth shut....

    Think of it - a massage is a wonderful luxury, and yet, the sissies' embarassment will really twist their heads. It's a small price for a mistress to pay in treating a sissy to the very best!!!!

  3. What is the university's policy on a TA dating a student that she has to grade?

    On her last date with Amber, can you get a compromising photo of Amber going for an A?