Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Contest Coming

We're setting up a Halloween Costume Contest where you will all get a chance to vote, but it requires all 4 sissies and 2 of us to get things done on the same day.  We hope to get things posted tomorrow.   We had quite a busy weekend as you can imagine.

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  1. This is from Disciplinary Wives Club: Have fun.
    -My fiance is a Southern girl. On an extended visit, when we announced our engagement, my fiances mother called me into the living room. She and my sister in law where sitting in two upholstered chairs and their husbands against the wall on a wooden bench. They were in identical postures, hands folded, eyes downcast. I was called to stand and listen. What I heard! I was 'informed' that order was kept (in a very successfull in every way) by regular meetings in which the ladies took account of the previous month. It was made clear that the Matriarch was in charge and I was expected to accept and participate. In the interest of impressing on me the level of transparancy in behavior and the demand for complete, unvarnished honesty, I was told to undress. I did and by standing naked I symbolicaly accepted the circumstance which was explained to me over the next hour. That day I witnessed my brother in law being spanked, nude, to tears and kneeeling for a lecture the likes of which I hadn't known. Father in law received a scolding (Ive never been present for a spanking of his) Since then Ive stood naked and ashamed before every female in the Family and been spanked by most of them. I am far more successfull today than I ever had cause to expect. For awhile it was a harsh blow to my male ego and I struggeled with it. But with my wifes help, and insistance I came to accept my role in our family and now fit in well. I am standing as I write this (Under instructions) as my mother in law has just let me out of the corner. I am to remain undressed for the remainder of the day. It is early Monday morning.