Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Costume Contest

I'm sure the sissies will be electioneering on their own blogs and you may see some slightly higher res photos. Getting all their pics in one place was kind of a nightmare so we went for expediency and made a slide show. For this Contest, we let the sissies pick the photos, but told them to try and show off the whole costume because that's what voters would want to see.

If you don't mind, we'd like you to participate in our poll:

Who had the best 4 photo Halloween portfolio?

1. Jill
2. Cindy
3. Amber
4. Xiu

Who had the single sexiest costume? What was it?

Thanks, polls will close in a week. Remember, it's your patriotic duty to vote.


  1. xiu by far in the sailor outfit. god bless america the asian race and the mistresses. oh my god i want her to be my wife so bad

  2. Cindy had the best set, followed by Xiu, Jill and Amber. The best individual costume was Cindy's 'Black Canary'.
    Angie :-)

  3. Best four costumes - Jill

    Best individual - a tough call It's between Xiu in her sailor suit
    Cindy as a cow girl &
    Amber as a construction worker

    I give it to Xiu

    BTW, did Cindy and Jill use this as an opportunity to get a guy for homecoming? I'll bet they were all over her.

    Xiu is going to be a guy magnet

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

  4. Cindy's had the best of the 4, but Jill's Tinker Bell outfit is sooo sexy.....Dania

  5. Hmmmm...some tough competition! They all have some great pics---I esp. love the flat, feminine fronts on the tighter costumes---but I have to give it to Cindy for the set of 4 (the Black Canary, her Fairy and the cowgirl are all superhot). As for the single sexiest, again, a very tough call. They all have very strong choices: Jill's Bunny and Fairy, Amber's naughty nun and bee, and Xiu's Bunny and Dorothy are all fabulous (what can I say, I like bunnies). But if I'm forced to choose the single sexiest, I would go with Cindy's Black Canary (and I'm not even a comics fan), as she just looks so sultry and hot in it. Great work by all the sissies and obviously, to their mistresses, for making all of this happen. A visual treat!

  6. I think the best portfolio was Jill, she seems to be a natural. The single sexiest costume Id have to say is Cindy wearing the Cowgirl outfit, she looks very hot.
    Thanks for all that you Mistresses do.

  7. Jill and Jill as red riding hood

  8. Here is my take on the costumes
    Xiu's Zatanna costume was sweet
    Cindy's Devil was sexy and the Cowgirl was too
    Amber's Batgirl was cute but didnt look finished but the Nun,... WOW
    Jills whole range was really great and showed a variety of looks the Tinkerbell showed a soft side, the Flapper really showed how femm/and her body can look, Lil Red Riding hood showed the cute side, and the Bunny/Superheroesque costume showed a stront powerful woman

    So for individual most sexiest costume i got to go with my girl
    Amber and the Nun costume

    But the overall has to go with Jill for variety and so many different looks pulled off so well

  9. Jill in the green fairy costume!! WOW !!!!

  10. Jill's green outfit wins it outright. Mixed with her red outfit she also takes the four photo collection. Cindy and Amber put up a good show, but Xiu should work harder.

  11. Jill in her ferie costume, she is SOOOOOOO CUTE like that.

  12. Jill was my overall favorite, but Amber's nun outfit was spectacular. So so hot.

    Nice job, sissies.

  13. Wow so hard to choose!
    They all look AMAZING!
    But i think i would have to choose Cindy -
    i just love her in the little blue fairy outfit!

  14. Well, I vote for Xiu having the best 4, but my single favorite sexiest would go to Jill's little red riding hood outfit.

    The sissies are so beautiful. You mistresses do a great job with them!

  15. I'm going Cindy as a devil, Jill, Amber then Xiu

  16. My winner is....Amber and my favourite costume was her nun's outfit. She looks soooo feminine and soooo gorgeous. What a beautiful sissy - I am so jealous.


    maid isobel

  17. Time to vote. I was torn between Cindy and Jill
    but Cindy's cowgirl and pixie costume won. I
    love you both. Oh yes, cowgirl first.


  18. wow, really to tough to call a winner....they are all so lovely in their outfits. It's surprising none of them have updated their blogs and talked about their favorite costume or Halloween moments.

  19. I must go with Cindy. Great variety and imagination. Love, love love Black Canary, Daisy Duke is an enduring classic, o my Tinkerbell too and the Devil to boot.

    Anxious for more updates from your proud happy young things. Do ask them for blog updates please.

    Many thanks - Graciella

  20. Xiu indeed WHOAH sailor, i mean big time, second came amber in her nun outfit, third was Cindy in the cowgirl outfit, and fourth was Jill in the fairy outfit

  21. Jill by far has the best portfolio and the sexiest costume with the playboy bunny type costume.


  22. Cindy!!!!!!! You are soooo georgeous honey

  23. My portfolio vote goes to Xiu, but in my mind Amber's wasp costume is the single sexiest.

  24. Jill in the red outfit

  25. i posted before but ill try again as i never saw it go through
    Best overall was Jill
    it showed a full range of different feminine looks
    Single sexiest was Amber in the Rubber nun costume, i want her to hear all my confessions

  26. The best costumes are:
    Pixie Jill
    Daisy Dukes Cindy
    Bumble Bee Amber
    Sailor Xiu

    The best single costume - wow that's difficult.
    Pixie Jill wins !

  27. Best 4 - JILL!!!

    Sexiest - Jill again, the showgirl look! So HOT!
    Xiu in the sailer outfit ranks a very close second for sexiest!

    I'll add the cutest - Jill as tinkerbell - fly me away...

  28. I'll vote for Cindy's portfolio, with Jill's fairy costume as the single best.

    Am I missing something? Who's Mistress Stephanie?

  29. Cindy had the best portfolio. Followed by Jill, Xiu, and Amber. Single sexiest? Much harder to choose. Cindys Blue fairy, followed by Ambers Sexy Nun, Jills Green fairy,and Xius Sailor girl. Damn good looking costumes. Still hoping to get some higher res pics of the costumes though. LGB

  30. Jill has the best group of photos. She out posed everyone else. The single sexiest is much closer and comes down to taste. I'm voting for Xiu's sailor outfit.

  31. I just found your site and I love it. Good job.

  32. Cindy looking really good