Monday, May 31, 2010


This is Colleen's graduation photo, which she was nice enough to send us. I'm really trying not to overwhelm Kristine or Colleen with the sissy stuff. College freshmen have a lot on their plate already without adding to it. However, as Colleen pointed out, it isn't like we exactly saved her brother from the sissy stuff and she's far more mature than he is.

I don't think it's her brother that she's looking forward to seeing as much as Cindy. She instantly took a liking to her and spent a lot of time with Cindy when she last visited. She'll be up at least once over summer before moving down her in August. One place Cindy is really helpful for us (and Kristine too) is when the Jill goes home for breaks. Her breaks are not a break from femininity with her sister in on it. Cindy will most definitely be a regular contributor assuming she wants to be, but freshman year can be overwhelming so we'll let her set her own pace.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sometimes I Get Such a Kick Out of The Sissies

As we were coming back from the beach today, we stopped by our place to show Cindy the Memorial Day outfit we had purchased especially for her. She was less than overjoyed when she saw the military looking mini-skirt and belly shirt with an army hat and sweatshirt designed to show her perfectly tanned stomach. When we told her she could wear her own fishnets and heels with the outfit she turned to us with the biggest puppy dog eyes and said, "You like to dress us up like female versions of macho guys so that we look ridiculous as anything even slightly macho."

She looked at me like she had discovered some big secret. We pointed out that she looked sexy not ridiculous, but then there was a long awkward pause. She had this look like now that she had figured it out, we were supposed to stop or something. I think she's still smarting from how we dressed her and Jill as sissy football players. As much fun as it is to dress them as brides or princesses, a sexy cop or fireman is just as fun. We're all dying to see if Sue's Tom has shaved tonight. If he has, his face will not be the last thing he shaves.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ok, before Sue completely takes over our blog I thought I'd better post something. We've tried to make wallpaper of your favorite sissies and put them on the website. Unfortunately, you can't just right click off a Wix site--something we didn't reallize. We'll come up with a solution as soon as we can. Several people have asked for wallpaper type images and it will embarrass both girls to know end to know that they are on computer monitors nation or even world wide. Is the music that we put on everything annoying? It definitely sissies up a site, but if you keep going to their blogs is the first thing you do to immediately hit the mute button?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Stage 1

Thanks for the name ideas. The ones that I liked were Tina and Tabitha. Because Jill is brunette and Cindy is blonde, we thought it'd be most appropriate for Tom to be a redhead. I've looked on a few message boards for expectant moms who thought they'd have a red haired girl--The name Fiona jumped out at me. I also liked Ginger or Scarlett, but those may be too on the nose. Sienna could be fun or Sherri.

We've concocted a rather elaborate plot to trap Tom. He has a bad habit of hitting on my friends, so imagine his surprise when one of my girlfriends is hitting on him even harder. Yesterday, they met and I got this little picture for their scrapbook. Some definite flirting, but no sparks quite yet. I think that will definitely change soon. If he puts the moves on Jill as I expect he will, he will totally trap himself. I love it.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hi Again

That's the guy I want feminized. Not to be confused with Cindy's new boyfriend, his name is Tom as well and he's bigger than me, but not as big as Cindy is. What do you think? Does he have potential? He obviously needs a shave. What about a girl's name?

Now, a few more answers:

1. It's pretty much a work secret. Sarah is a great girl and she won't spill the beans.
2. I still don't have any great at work punishments. I did get an idea from Sheila that to punish him on a hot day, two pairs of pantyhose should be extremely uncomfortable, but that's not really a specifically work thing.
3. I do enjoy the power I have over Cindy and especially Jill. I think putting Tom through these paces would be great. Just making him work hard at something so foreign appeals to me and it will be wonderful to have total control of him. So yes, the short answers is the power and control appeal to me, but it's all still kind of new.


 The Website:

It took long enough, but hopefully you'll find it worth the wait.  We actually started over halfway through to make it sleeker looking.  Let us know what you think.  We put a lot of work into it.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Trial of Cindy

Charges: Karen has accused Cindy of taking indecent liberties with her date Tom last night at his formal dance.  
Prosecutor: Amanda
Jury: Heather, Sheila, Sue
Waitress: Jill
Time: 3:02 PM

Karen has accused Cindy of taking advantage of Tom's loneliness with his girlfriend out of town to take indecent liberties with him.   Cindy has been ruled and uncooperative witness and is restrained.  Our first witness is Karen who describes that on the night in question Cindy did kiss Tom on at least 5 different locations--upon arrival, after dancing a slow dance, before going to the bathroom, leaving the dance, and saying good night.   Furthermore, it is alleged that Cindy and Tom made out in the backseat of the car on the way back to Tom's place.   Karen has included a statement from Matt which agrees with her conclusion adding, "I thought we were going to have to throw a bucket of cold water into the backseat."

Cindy has maintained that Tom was the aggressor in all kissing situations and that she went along with the kissing and making out simply to maintain her identity.   She said furthermore that she believed she was expected to kiss him as part of the date though nobody order her to kiss him 5 times.

For her first witness, Karen called Tom on the phone.   Tom was heard by the jury saying, "Cindy is a great kisser", "There was definitely some sort of chemistry between us.", "I felt guilty,but Diane and I kind of have an understanding and she was both hot and into me."

Cindy was unable to rebuff any of Tom's accusations.   Cindy called Jill to the stand, but much of Jill's testimony was hearsay as Cindy did not discuss the night in question with Cindy though had likewise maintained her previous romantic involvement with boys was to protect her secret.   Upon cross examination, Jill admitted that he was aware that Cindy masturbated at times and did so wearing dresses or lingerie and that on several occasions Cindy had kissed him very passionately despite his own reluctance.

Verdict: After a 10 minute deliberation, the jury found Cindy guilty of taking indecent liberties with Tom.   She has been sentenced to 2 more dates with him, to bake cookies for him, and to place a picture of them kissing on her nightstand.   She was untied with instructions to write a confession in her own blog.tonight which is to answer all questions about the night posed to her by the prosecution and by blog readers.   Failure to do a satisfactory job will result in further punishment.

Officer Amanda on the Case

Karen and Matt were nice enough to drop Cindy off here last night. It was interesting because it gave Sue a chance to see how wild things get sometime and she was definitely enjoying the show. We tried to get Cindy to tell us all about the evening, but had very little luck getting more out of him than one word answers and excuses. We have allowed her to change out of her pretty pink dress, but she is currently tied to a chair in the living room. Everybody is meeting here in 3 hours and we're going to do a pretty thorough interrogation then. According to Karen there were at least 5 kisses. If there's anything you want to know, you've got 3 hours to ask. I want to know how much tongue there was and how it was initiated.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sent by Karen

This was just sent to me from Karen. Wow! I can't wait to hear all about this. Not a great camera, but good enough.

My First Post

This feels weird, kind of like I'm sneaking in here. I'm not, Amanda just hooked me up and is watching as I type. I said if Amanda could get 20 questions, I'd answer them on here, but it looks like you already gave me an awful lot to answer and since I'm coming off a late shift and have nothing else to do, I'll give it a try:

1. Tell us about the guy you want to feminize and why you want to do it? I thought I'd get asked that. Tom is a guy that is either my boyfriend or my ex depending on what day of the week it is. We've gone out for awhile and he thinks of himself as the ultimate player. He's definitely not. I have never seen him as a girl, but he is smaller than Cindy so at least that part will be convincing. I can't tell about his face yet. We have a lot of planning to do.

2. Are you going to start either of the gurls on hormones or testosterone blockers? That's an odd question to ask me, but Amanda says definitely not.

The gurls tuck, but do they use anything to prepare them for satisfying the boys (besides their lips), i.e. butt plugs or...? Another odd one to ask me. Amanda says they still haven't decided how far the guys will go and they don't want the guys to know their limits either so you'll just have to watch and see.

Hi, how did you learn about the blogs? If you already read them before the interview, why did it take so long to recognize Jill? Jill interviewed for a waitress job with me, but after about 5 minutes I became suspicious because she was so positive that she wanted to be off the books and had questions about all sorts of things a normal interviewee wouldn't have. I then took a good look and figured out she was a guy. I got enough information from the interview that with some help from google, I found the blogs. I didn't read them before the interview, but I was sure hooked when I did.

Did you all know Sue before the job situation presented itself? I guess I just answered that.

6. Is she as committed as the four amigos? I'd like to think I am, but the amigos (amigas?) have put a whole school year into this project. Getting started on Tom would help a great deal, but I am a big fan and I am really enjoying this.

7. Is Sue the Boss for both Jill and Cindy? I assume that is true. Cindy isn't ready yet, but she is close. She's a beauty, but still has male traits to work on that Cindy has avoided.

8. Is Sue really as tall and beautiful as she appears in the pic? :) I'm not that tall. I'm 5'5" in heels. As for being beautiful, I'll let you judge. I did model a little and do a few pageants when I was younger so yes, I will be working with Jill and Cindy on their walk and a few other things I picked up.

9. You say that she will be Jill's Boss. What will be her role as a 'contributor.' I literally will be her boss at work and yes, I will go along with any plans the "four amigos" have for her. I won't be initiating a whole lot with Jill, but it will definitely make work more fun.

10. Has Sue imposed any additional rules with regard to the job situation. Not really. I've thought of making her call me Miss Sue or curtsying, but stuff like that would make her stand out. I am all ears if anybody has ideas though.


People have been buzzing since last week when Sue popped up in our comments.   I admit that the first time I saw her comment, I was floored too.  I love all our followers, but it was great to see a genetic female follower.   We were hesitant at first, but after meeting with her, we all agreed she'd be just the boss that Jill needed.   We thought it'd be fun to open up a little game of 20 questions with Sue.   Ask your questions.   When we get to 20, Sue will start anwe

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Four Blogs

I've been enjoying this dramatic increase in responses. I really enjoy reading all the comments on my posts as well as our sissies'. I just wanted to remind some of our older readers and let some of the newer folders understand the purposes.

This Blog - We use it for bragging a lot or giving updates. We are both very careful about what we post because we don't want to give away anything. For instance if a sissy is going out on a date with a boy that knows about her situation we might not tell you so that she won't read it and think she doesn't have to do everything she can to make her date think she's a woman. We'll usually tell you what was actually going on once it's safe, but spoilers ruin a lot more than a movie here.

Sex and The Sissy - This is meant to be the blog where the sissies rave about how much fun being girly is. Fashion, boys, dating---we want them posting about how much they love it. This consequently is the blog most likely to be sent to their friends if they step out of line.

The Sissies' Blogs - Here we want them to be truthful. It's OK if they pout or complain or talk about how much they hate wearing bras. This let's us know what they're thinking and we look for changes in behavior. It's amazing how shaving their legs went from being humiliating torture to something they don't give anymore thought to than they do brushing their teeth.

Monday, May 17, 2010

No Guarantees

I've had a few people asking about Sue.  First, we're really intrigued.  It'd be great to have the job situation taken care of not only for Jill, but also for Cindy.   We've played a little phone tag and like you might have imagined the favor she wants is our help feminizing somebody.   The problem is, we're not exactly the feminization A-Team.  Taking on an extra sissy is a lot of work.   Even if she does the heavy lifting, it's a big responsibility and the bigger this gets the more complications we have.   We need to discuss things with her and then talk it over ourselves.  Right now, I'd say we probably will not take her up on her offer, but we do want to hear it.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sissy Rules

We were asked for our sissy rules.   They've changed a bit.   The regular sissy rules are basically what Cindy had to put up with.  Jill also had rules, which Cindy will have in the fall about all studying taking place en femme and also rules for when she had to go to class as a girl.   A 7th Summer real will be added when it gets hotter out requiring both sissies to maintain feminine tan lines.   I would have posted this sooner, but I didn't think anybody would be particularly interested.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I Get Out of This

I decided to post this after reading Sheila's last entry. I was intrigued by her feelings about our little projects. I've discussed this with Heather, but never with Sheila before. This all started with my idea. When Jill was just an annoying freshman named Bill--I was the one who commented he was very small in stature and that my clothes would probably fit him. I also egged everybody on until we finally did it. So obviously, my initial motivation was revenge. Getting back at somebody who was annoying me.

There's a very small domina part of me, but it's not like Sheila describes. For me it's a bit of a rush to be in control, but I'm a sociology major and for me I really find it interesting to see just how many behaviors attributed to women can be learned by a motivated guy. When Jill or Cindy do something particularly feminine without thinking I get giddy. I'm always interested in just how much we can make them female in looks, actions, and even thoughts.

Somebody asked me about our rules--that's a great topic, but I don't have time to deal with it now. Maybe Sheila will post next time. Also, thanks for the links. Making a man look like a woman is a different skill set then simply making a woman look more attractive.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last Night's Formal

More than any of the girls, I guess I'm the most dominant.  It's not that I enjoy whips and chains because I'm really not that fond of whips--chains on the other hand mmmm.   However, I really love it when the sissies submit.  I love that I can make them do something 180 degrees from their personality and if it is something they don't want to do and they do it because I tell them to do it--so much the better.   Now, I have limits and all that, but making Jill and Cindy go to a formal dance last night on the arm of a guy, dancing, kissing, and flirting for all to see--well I was in Heaven.  It was important to be very careful and we all went so that we could keep an eye on our little charges, but they handled the night with such aplomb it wasn't really necessary.   I was feeling a little sorry for my own date.   He was set up through his fraternity brothers and since I wasn't interested in him, but only seeing our sissies I thought he got a bum deal, but I was actually so excited by how the evening turned out that he got quite a good evening out of the deal.    I gave the sissies a day off.  Cindy particularly had a lot to get her head around.   This was her first date with a boy who was unaware of her little secret.  I don't think it'll be the last time.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Am Around

Thanks for the concern. I am still around, but we're coming up on finals and that's going to keep me a bit scarce.   I do pop on from time to time and look at the comments.  As there weren't a ton I didn't think it was totally urgent for me to get back on.   We still have some great plans.   Jill and Cindy are moved into their feminine paradise although when classes are done all male clothes will be staying at my place.  We do pretty thorough inspections for anything masculine every couple days.  We've even used the adult lock on the cable to limit them to only girlie programming.   There is an end of the year formal coming up this weekend.  I hope to get pictures of Jill and Cindy with their dates.