Sunday, May 23, 2010

Officer Amanda on the Case

Karen and Matt were nice enough to drop Cindy off here last night. It was interesting because it gave Sue a chance to see how wild things get sometime and she was definitely enjoying the show. We tried to get Cindy to tell us all about the evening, but had very little luck getting more out of him than one word answers and excuses. We have allowed her to change out of her pretty pink dress, but she is currently tied to a chair in the living room. Everybody is meeting here in 3 hours and we're going to do a pretty thorough interrogation then. According to Karen there were at least 5 kisses. If there's anything you want to know, you've got 3 hours to ask. I want to know how much tongue there was and how it was initiated.


  1. So, what made Cindy want to kiss Matt, was she thinking of Jill?

  2. Cindy, you know he has a girlfriend and you still make out in front of his friends. Aren't you the shameless hussy. Are you hoping he leaves her for you or do you plan to see him on the side? Was there enough bumping and grinding for your secret to come out and was it trying?

  3. Officer Amanda = smokin' hot! As for Cindy, I'm wondering how much her date's hands were roving around on her (one of the pics is pretty close to an ass-grab), and whether or not she could feel him getting excited. The pretty pink dress is killer, by the way.