Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Four Blogs

I've been enjoying this dramatic increase in responses. I really enjoy reading all the comments on my posts as well as our sissies'. I just wanted to remind some of our older readers and let some of the newer folders understand the purposes.

This Blog - We use it for bragging a lot or giving updates. We are both very careful about what we post because we don't want to give away anything. For instance if a sissy is going out on a date with a boy that knows about her situation we might not tell you so that she won't read it and think she doesn't have to do everything she can to make her date think she's a woman. We'll usually tell you what was actually going on once it's safe, but spoilers ruin a lot more than a movie here.

Sex and The Sissy - This is meant to be the blog where the sissies rave about how much fun being girly is. Fashion, boys, dating---we want them posting about how much they love it. This consequently is the blog most likely to be sent to their friends if they step out of line.

The Sissies' Blogs - Here we want them to be truthful. It's OK if they pout or complain or talk about how much they hate wearing bras. This let's us know what they're thinking and we look for changes in behavior. It's amazing how shaving their legs went from being humiliating torture to something they don't give anymore thought to than they do brushing their teeth.


  1. Thanks for the update, and for the pic too. The gurls just look so sexy!

  2. Should we expect five ,possibly six in the near future. Did Susie indicate she planned to share with us?