Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Am Around

Thanks for the concern. I am still around, but we're coming up on finals and that's going to keep me a bit scarce.   I do pop on from time to time and look at the comments.  As there weren't a ton I didn't think it was totally urgent for me to get back on.   We still have some great plans.   Jill and Cindy are moved into their feminine paradise although when classes are done all male clothes will be staying at my place.  We do pretty thorough inspections for anything masculine every couple days.  We've even used the adult lock on the cable to limit them to only girlie programming.   There is an end of the year formal coming up this weekend.  I hope to get pictures of Jill and Cindy with their dates.


  1. Look great as usual, good luck with finals girl.

  2. Great to have u back was worried

    stephanie from texas

  3. I am loving the story told from all angles. You girls are awesome. Keep it up! Good luck on the tests.


    PS Get Jill to write more