Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hi Again

That's the guy I want feminized. Not to be confused with Cindy's new boyfriend, his name is Tom as well and he's bigger than me, but not as big as Cindy is. What do you think? Does he have potential? He obviously needs a shave. What about a girl's name?

Now, a few more answers:

1. It's pretty much a work secret. Sarah is a great girl and she won't spill the beans.
2. I still don't have any great at work punishments. I did get an idea from Sheila that to punish him on a hot day, two pairs of pantyhose should be extremely uncomfortable, but that's not really a specifically work thing.
3. I do enjoy the power I have over Cindy and especially Jill. I think putting Tom through these paces would be great. Just making him work hard at something so foreign appeals to me and it will be wonderful to have total control of him. So yes, the short answers is the power and control appeal to me, but it's all still kind of new.


  1. He has potential. I don't know if he could ever match Jill and Cindy. The first name that came to mind was Tonya. Tammy is good, but sissies have been using it forever. My final choice is Tina.

  2. A woman's mystique does give her control over a man. With the right encouragement or teasing or whatever, a guy will do anything for a girl.

    I guess we will not know Tom's potential until you 'experiment' by somehow---it should not be too difficult----getting him to 'dress up for you'---just for fun. Then take a few pics, and Tom will become the newest sissy.

  3. Does he have potential?

    Hard to say. hes cute, could work. Is he motivated or will he put up a fight.

    What kind of interest has he expressed so far, is it his idea?

  4. Definitely potential here for Tina. Maybe a little work on the brows to start, but overall nice features to work with. Maybe start him with a bet or dare?
    Regarding Jill, she looks so cute and sweet in that outfit(just visited her site),how could she possibly do anything bad.There probably will be days though--is it hard bending down wearing heels and a short skirt to pick up something that's hit the floor without exposing some extremely frilly panties by the way?Have you considered some of the remote control devices that are available where she was forced to buy her little/large toy? Does she have a necklace or bracelet that says 'sissy' yet?

  5. How about the name Tabby or Tabitha

  6. Good luck with him. Probably make a nice girl. Tom suggests Tammi (with an i of course). Or Tonya. I'll think about it some more and see if anything else comes to mind. LGB

  7. I like the suggestion about the "sissy" collar or perhaps a more subtle rhinestone studded one. It would remind the girl, Jill or hmmmm...Tom won't work...maybe Honey or Amber, that she is being trained and is on display. The collar is subtle yet sensual...and will distract the eyes from seeing any prominant adam's apple. It takes a very sure girl to pull off rhinestones! Bling and timid don't work together. Just a thought! The new girl definitely has potential and her long neck begs for dangly earrings, though those brows need work! I look forward to hearing more!