Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Trial of Cindy

Charges: Karen has accused Cindy of taking indecent liberties with her date Tom last night at his formal dance.  
Prosecutor: Amanda
Jury: Heather, Sheila, Sue
Waitress: Jill
Time: 3:02 PM

Karen has accused Cindy of taking advantage of Tom's loneliness with his girlfriend out of town to take indecent liberties with him.   Cindy has been ruled and uncooperative witness and is restrained.  Our first witness is Karen who describes that on the night in question Cindy did kiss Tom on at least 5 different locations--upon arrival, after dancing a slow dance, before going to the bathroom, leaving the dance, and saying good night.   Furthermore, it is alleged that Cindy and Tom made out in the backseat of the car on the way back to Tom's place.   Karen has included a statement from Matt which agrees with her conclusion adding, "I thought we were going to have to throw a bucket of cold water into the backseat."

Cindy has maintained that Tom was the aggressor in all kissing situations and that she went along with the kissing and making out simply to maintain her identity.   She said furthermore that she believed she was expected to kiss him as part of the date though nobody order her to kiss him 5 times.

For her first witness, Karen called Tom on the phone.   Tom was heard by the jury saying, "Cindy is a great kisser", "There was definitely some sort of chemistry between us.", "I felt guilty,but Diane and I kind of have an understanding and she was both hot and into me."

Cindy was unable to rebuff any of Tom's accusations.   Cindy called Jill to the stand, but much of Jill's testimony was hearsay as Cindy did not discuss the night in question with Cindy though had likewise maintained her previous romantic involvement with boys was to protect her secret.   Upon cross examination, Jill admitted that he was aware that Cindy masturbated at times and did so wearing dresses or lingerie and that on several occasions Cindy had kissed him very passionately despite his own reluctance.

Verdict: After a 10 minute deliberation, the jury found Cindy guilty of taking indecent liberties with Tom.   She has been sentenced to 2 more dates with him, to bake cookies for him, and to place a picture of them kissing on her nightstand.   She was untied with instructions to write a confession in her own blog.tonight which is to answer all questions about the night posed to her by the prosecution and by blog readers.   Failure to do a satisfactory job will result in further punishment.


  1. Well the verdict is in! It is always great to see how the 'rule of law' prevails and justice is done. The verdict seems both "fair and fun."

    PS Glad to see that Sue was on the jury and is also now listed as a contributor. I am going to assume that the "Tom" in question was not Sue's off and on again boyfriend that she wants to feminize. That might call the impartiality of the jury into question. :)

  2. If the sissies are going to show such an interest in boys and getting all hot and heavy with them, it may be time to start to get them more interested in just checking out guys and kissing them. I think maybe having a few vibrators in their new apt would be a great place to start.


  3. On a different subject, did Jill call the guy with the flowers?


  4. agreed^^^^^^;)

  5. 24 hours later and no report. Tell us about the 'further punishment' now heaped upon the orignal punishment. I still can't wait to read the story. LGB

  6. I would love to see more photos. There was talk of a website on March 29th. The picture at the end of Cindy's video with her and Jill is great. Would you post it with enough resolution that I could use it as a wallpaper.