Monday, May 17, 2010

No Guarantees

I've had a few people asking about Sue.  First, we're really intrigued.  It'd be great to have the job situation taken care of not only for Jill, but also for Cindy.   We've played a little phone tag and like you might have imagined the favor she wants is our help feminizing somebody.   The problem is, we're not exactly the feminization A-Team.  Taking on an extra sissy is a lot of work.   Even if she does the heavy lifting, it's a big responsibility and the bigger this gets the more complications we have.   We need to discuss things with her and then talk it over ourselves.  Right now, I'd say we probably will not take her up on her offer, but we do want to hear it.


  1. Be very carefull. You must start with a workable person. Not just anybody can be as successfully done as Jill and Cindy. You girls have done an amazing job, but you started with the perfect ones to attain this level and beyond. Only a perfect few can turn out to look this amazing, and you already have two of them !!!

  2. Firstly, this blog is great! As you can tell from the comments, this stuff is catnip for every man who is even slight tendencies towards being submissive/tv, even if Jill and Cindy are somewhat reluctant subjects (which, of course, makes it all the hotter). I wonder, given Sue's interest, how many women out there are really interested in feminizing men; more to the point, where were they all when I was in college?! A side note: you are clearly monitoring the health/weight of the 'girls' (no fast food), but have you considered some form of girly exercise? I'm thinking of something like yoga or pilates---either in a class or at home in a video---which would open the door for various interesting clothing options (leotards, tights, etc., even legwarmers if you want to go retro...). Just a thought. Keep up the great work!

  3. I'm glad we had such a great time tonight. I had a feeling we'd hit it off. I certainly understand your hesitation. I'll take advice if you don't want to get directly involved, but this is definitely something I want to do. If all goes well I'll let you know tomorrow on Jill. I don't anticipate any problems.

  4. Your blogs just keep getting better and better!
    Just a thought on the suggestion from Susie, why not let Jill and Cindy work with her on her project and then develop a sissy's sissy?
    That way they can get help with projects you set them, plus they can use their experiences to help Susie achieve what she wants as well?