Friday, May 28, 2010

Stage 1

Thanks for the name ideas. The ones that I liked were Tina and Tabitha. Because Jill is brunette and Cindy is blonde, we thought it'd be most appropriate for Tom to be a redhead. I've looked on a few message boards for expectant moms who thought they'd have a red haired girl--The name Fiona jumped out at me. I also liked Ginger or Scarlett, but those may be too on the nose. Sienna could be fun or Sherri.

We've concocted a rather elaborate plot to trap Tom. He has a bad habit of hitting on my friends, so imagine his surprise when one of my girlfriends is hitting on him even harder. Yesterday, they met and I got this little picture for their scrapbook. Some definite flirting, but no sparks quite yet. I think that will definitely change soon. If he puts the moves on Jill as I expect he will, he will totally trap himself. I love it.

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  1. Susie

    You are a devious woman. I love it!

    Where were you when I was a bit younger?