Monday, May 31, 2010


This is Colleen's graduation photo, which she was nice enough to send us. I'm really trying not to overwhelm Kristine or Colleen with the sissy stuff. College freshmen have a lot on their plate already without adding to it. However, as Colleen pointed out, it isn't like we exactly saved her brother from the sissy stuff and she's far more mature than he is.

I don't think it's her brother that she's looking forward to seeing as much as Cindy. She instantly took a liking to her and spent a lot of time with Cindy when she last visited. She'll be up at least once over summer before moving down her in August. One place Cindy is really helpful for us (and Kristine too) is when the Jill goes home for breaks. Her breaks are not a break from femininity with her sister in on it. Cindy will most definitely be a regular contributor assuming she wants to be, but freshman year can be overwhelming so we'll let her set her own pace.


  1. I had a hunch after seeing the photo of Colleen and Cindy. What about Cindy's family? Has she seen them since her transformation?

  2. We all look forward to posts by Colleen in the near future. And, her insights about how this experience has changed her brother, for better or worse.

  3. Yes woud love to see a pic Collen and Cindy togeter, two sister out in town having fun