Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Not a great picture I know, but when I got my hair done yesterday I talked to Wendy about what we could and couldn't post.   It was great of her to want the sissies as bridesmaids, I wish we could have posted all the wedding photos, but that's OK.  Wendy was a beautiful bride and our sissies did a great job making her day special. 

One thing that Katie alluded to was that there is a change in the blogs.  One thing we should have realized would happen if we put all 5 sissies together is that they would unionize.   The big issue came with the amount of maid work we were having them do, which was kind of excessive in retrospect.  We agreed that as long as each blog is updated once per week that was acceptable.  However, they agreed that they would all start blogging again.  The agreement begins on Monday.  Jill really stepped up negotiations.   We're still in charge, but we can be merciful and we don't want this experience to be miserable---well sometimes for Xiu, but that's beside the point.  Thanks for all the suggestions.  I think a beauty pageant and an Olympics are musts.  A knot tying and untying contest sounds fun too.  Wow!  To that Japanese tv star who turned out to be male.  I wish I hadn't waited so long to approve comments or I'd have more to say to you all.

Finally, for "The 3 Angels" well done---I'll bookmark those blogs.