Monday, August 31, 2009

Congratulate Jill

If you get a chance be sure to congratulate Jill on her new eye brows.  We decided last night that with the new makeup, she needed more feminine eye brows.  We were nice and if unisex is 50 on a scale of 1 to 100, I don't think we went past 60 towards feminine. She was not happy though. 

Karen and I walked back with her from class and had her stop off at Amanda and Heather's room.   As soon as she entered the room, she got suspicious and when she saw the collection of clothesline, pantyhose, bath robe sashes, and clothes line on Amanda and Heather's bed she started to panic.   We got her tied to the chair and by tied I mean completely immobilized.  We suck at bondage (HELP!), but we knew we couldn't have her moving at all and have this work.   We also gagged her because she was cursing up a storm.

As Karen plucked away, we felt a bit guilty because there were tears, but I think her brows still do pass for guy eyebrows while looking much better when she's properly dressed as Jill.   We did just a touch of makeup for a before and after and we kept her tied up until lunch time just to give her a chance to calm down.   Amanda is very good at soothing her crushed ego by the way.   Anyway, we went to lunch with her and she's doing much better.   Be sure to congratulate her on her new elegantly feminine eye brows.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My First Real Makeup

Hi everybody. It's Amanda. I will be on here from time to time to help Sheila out with this blog. Tonight I get to be the one to tell you about our makeup shopping trip. I played with makeup growing up like most girls do and in junior high I wore a little bit of drugstore makeup, but I remember the summer going into my freshman year of high school when my big sister who was a sophisticated college girl took me shopping for my first real makeup. I felt so grown up. I was so happy today that we were able to share that experience with Jill.

Eileen could not have been nicer as she did his makeover explaining just what she was doing and just what products she was using. I guess Jill is now a Clinique girl. She still has to keep working with the heels. She's made very nice progress but isn't quite there yet. She was so embarrassed to be sitting there in the chair though except for walking through the mall to pick out some sleepwear she really wasn't exposed to too many actual people because we were all crowding around her.

I don't know what it all means. I do know that I enjoy the process of making her more and more feminine and I do know that the fact we are doing it whether she wants to or not makes things more fun for me and not less. On the other hand I do have empathy for her and I would never want to really humiliate her or give her anything that she couldn't handle. We walk a very fine line.

We still want some help with introductory bondage lessons, breast forms, and makeup tutorials. I'd also love to know what music you think is especially perfect for a sissy--I'm fond of that Beyonce song "If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it" or "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". List your song selections if you could. I hope you're enjoying this blog. We definitely want to hear from our readers. I also like reading your comments for our little miss priss. Some of you are experts on teasing her. Are you all sissies? I'm betting 99% of you are. That's cool :)


Friday, August 28, 2009

Help Me Out

It looks like after my begging and pleading, I finally have comments.   Now, I think we can all agree that if anybody is doing any begging and pleading around here, it should be Jill.  I'm looking for a couple of things and I'm wondering what you can suggest:

1. A good online source for breast forms.
2. Some rudimentary beginning information on safe and effective ways to tie somebody up (Wonder who lol)
3. I think I've got good resources for walking and speech.  We all wear makeup and can help Jill out there, but if any of you have a good resource for learning, that'd be great.   I assume a lot of my readers are crossdressers and I think you girls are some of the best at makeup.  Tricks and tips are great there too

Also a lot of you are posting anonymously.  I don't mind, but it makes it confusing because I don't know who said what.   Can you adopt a nom de plume so that I can figure out what anonymous said what? 

Online Shopping

Now, I don't really want Jill to be doing online shopping.   It just seems so impersonal.  I, however, can't stop when I have a couple of free moments at the computer look at all the different types of outfits I want to see her in.   She's got long legs and let's face it, a lot of clothes are designed for slender models without any curves at all.   I want to see her in a variety of styles from sultry vixen to elegant debutante.   I'm really looking forward to shopping trips and making her try on everything.   It will not take her long to have a wardrobe that is sexier, but still more feminine than probably any real girl at the university.  I can't wait.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Actual Discussion...I love it

OK, I'm excited.  I got not one, but two comments.  Both of them were from anonymous users who said to make sure that she gets her voice and walking down before moving onto her clothing.  I have to be careful here because I know Jill reads this blog as well.  However, I want to make sure I know what you need and maybe even get some other people to weigh in on the topic.

We've had Jill put on a couple of fashion shows and of course there is the time we sent her to her first dorm meeting all dolled up.  She's in panties permanently now and starting tomorrow she'll be in pantyhose every day as well.   It won't come as a big surprise that bras will be coming in a week.   It also seems a shame to have a French Maid and not have her in uniform when she is doing her work.   Beyond that, there are no pressing manners requiring her to doll up.

I want her to be able to style her own wig and do her own makeup.   She's getting better at heels all the time, but I get the impression from those youtube videos Mandy sent that developing a convincing voice can take a long time.   Obviously, these two posters say make voice and walk a priority, but should we wait for a convincing voice to proceed with anything else?  We're making this up as we go, so if you have ideas we'd love to hear them.

Is There Anybody Out There?

Gee, this blog is lonely.   I put a call out for input and got 0 responses.   It turns out that Jill is a little more clever than I thought and she's figured out a few things that are planned for her by what I've said in this blog.   Above are Heather and Amanda from last Fall.  They will be very important as our shopping consultants in helping Jill build up her wardrobe.   Jill is going to start building up her own wardrobe and in addition to our cast offs, she's going to need many things of her own.  Now that she has had nearly a week to get used to panties, beginning tomorrow she will get to wear pantyhose everyday as well.  Heels training continues with 2 inch heels.   Once she gets the hang of walking in heels, we're going to concentrate on makeup and then talking like a woman.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Grade A Bitches

It occurred to me that reading Jill's post we sound like Grade A bitches for making him tell his roommate that he likes wearing women's clothing.   We had a long discussion about this and if we want to meet our goals for Jill, she has to practice.   It won't be long until her roommate notices things.  I won't give too much away here, but there are a lot of things in the coming weeks that it will just be too hard for Jill to hide.  Seriously, pantyhose, makeup practice, dresses in the closet--not going to be concealable from the roommate.  On the other hand, the four of us are pretty hot if I do say so myself and if we tell the roommate how much we like it, he may be looking for a bra of his own before long.   We're not going out of our way to humiliate Jill to the people he sees on an everyday basis, but he's going to be feminized regardless.  This way is best for all concerned.

Are You Reading This?

I guess I had come off pretty stridently against college drinking, so Amanda sent me an old pic of me from last year with my beer bong.  I'm not anti-drinking, but very against irresponsible drinking.  I know--funny words from the chick with the beer bong.

We really have an idea where we want to take Jill too, but no idea how to get there.   That's why links like the great one Mandy sent on voice training are useful.   If we could teach her to really speak like a woman, that would open up a whole lot of possibilities for her.  We're going slow because we don't want to blow her mind too much, but voice training is a must.

Tomorrow, Jill is going to do another photo shoot and I know some of you must have ideas of what you'd like to see her in.   Now, obviously we're looking for things we have for tomorrow night.   We have one item of clothing to surprise her with, but if there is anything you'd like to see, let me know about it and we'll try and get her to model what you want.   Also, if you are reading this I'd like to know you're out there so drop me a comment.  Are we crazy for doing this?  I think this is going to be a very memorable year for us.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Guess Who Cooked Us Dinner Tonight?

Look at those ankles, she's still working on heels, but she cooked pretty well--just what we needed after a tough first day of classes.

Studying Already

Guess who is already hitting the books on the very first day of class?  I guess this is how you get to medical school.  Study hard Karen.   We love you. 

For Sissies Learning to Walk

There are a lot of great videos on Youtube to help you with your practice.   Watching them, may save you a lot of trouble later.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What's Next

We have decided to really go for it with Jill.  When we made him over for all the pictures, myself and Heather were definitely in favor of making this a long term project, but Karen and Amanda thought after a good modeling session it would have run its course and we would let Jill go back to being Bill.  We had so much fun with the photo shoot and watching his arrogant "I'm not going to do it" attitude crumble, that we're all on board now.

Having just read Jill's blog, I can see that Heather loaned her some shoes--they only have a 1 inch heel, but before long Jill will be prancing gracefully in three inch heels.   Jill is wearing panties everyday now and we would have added pantyhose into the mix, but none of us really wear them.   They're such a pain that they will be a part of Jill's everyday wardrobe before too long.  Her size is wonderful.   Heather's size 9 shoes fit him perfectly.  

I know at least a couple of crossdressers are reading this.  How do you get a guy to learn to talk like a woman?  I think that's a must.  Karen will teach him makeup.  Heather is working on movement.   I'd really like him to learn a softer more feminine manner of speaking.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Proper Care of Our Sissy

Welcome to our blog.  It's meant to be a companion to Welcome to State U.   I am a sophomore at a midwestern universiy.  My 3 best friends are Heather, Amanda, and Karen.  My name is Sheila, but because of my baby sister my nickname has always been She She.  I love my friends and my college is alright, but a lot of the guys here can be real jerks.   We saw it last year as some of the nicest freshmen boys at orientation were spending all their time drunk and horny by the Spring.  Now, we love a good party, but we expect to be treated well just the same.

This year, in the freshman class, a boy by the name of Bill stood out.   He believed he was God's gift to women.   He comes from money, which he thinks can buy him whatever he wants.   Unfortunately, he pissed off Heather and Amanda and by extension Karen and myself too.   As a prank, we convinced him there was an elaborate costume party and wouldn't take no for an answer so he showed up for beginning of the year meetings in a dress.   We thought that was hysterical, but seeing it's effect on him gave us the idea that we could really make this work for us.

Bill, or as we call her Jill, will not be becoming one of those obnoxious guys I was telling you about earlier.   Instead we are making it our mission that by the Spring he will look, act, talk, and even think as femininely as possible.  We don't kid ourselves, he's going to fight us every step of the way.  Frankly, that just kind of adds to the fun.   He is a very small guy and he has a very pretty face.  He is a natural for this.  He can wear all our clothes, but he will be shopping for his own.  He has a 27 inch waist and a 34 inch chest.  His biceps are 9 inches in circumference which is smaller than all of us except Karen whose are also 9 inches.   He's barely 5 foot 7 inches tall and he doesn't have a lot of body hair.

We have some big plans for him and we hope you'll follow us too.  I don't know if anybody is following his blog yet, but we have made some major changes to it.  If you have any suggestions on how to get the most out of Jill please comment.  We're interested both in humiliating her and making her constantly more feminine so we'll take suggestions for both.   I hope to convince my friends to post here as well.   Thanks for reading.