Thursday, August 27, 2009

Actual Discussion...I love it

OK, I'm excited.  I got not one, but two comments.  Both of them were from anonymous users who said to make sure that she gets her voice and walking down before moving onto her clothing.  I have to be careful here because I know Jill reads this blog as well.  However, I want to make sure I know what you need and maybe even get some other people to weigh in on the topic.

We've had Jill put on a couple of fashion shows and of course there is the time we sent her to her first dorm meeting all dolled up.  She's in panties permanently now and starting tomorrow she'll be in pantyhose every day as well.   It won't come as a big surprise that bras will be coming in a week.   It also seems a shame to have a French Maid and not have her in uniform when she is doing her work.   Beyond that, there are no pressing manners requiring her to doll up.

I want her to be able to style her own wig and do her own makeup.   She's getting better at heels all the time, but I get the impression from those youtube videos Mandy sent that developing a convincing voice can take a long time.   Obviously, these two posters say make voice and walk a priority, but should we wait for a convincing voice to proceed with anything else?  We're making this up as we go, so if you have ideas we'd love to hear them.


  1. Heck no, don't wait for her voice! Humiliate the jerk! You should send him somewhere or do something that only girls get to experience, like dance class, or to a salon and get her some hair extensions, that would be hilarious to see her try and do those things with a big old man voice, lol!

  2. I love that picture. What a sissy!
    I actually find myself feeling a little sorry for sissies if they are humiliated too much at once. I like the way Heather said they would give Jill a break with the pantyhose if the weather got too hot. I think a little compassion mixed with strict discipline can go along ways in getting a sissy to femme herself. Having said that, she should start voice as soon as possible. Nothing will blow her cover faster than her male voice.

  3. I understand what you're saying Mandy. Keep in mind, she's still fighting us and resisting and as long as that happens, she does have to be punished. As she accepts things, I'm sure it'll be easier for her and us.