Sunday, August 23, 2009

What's Next

We have decided to really go for it with Jill.  When we made him over for all the pictures, myself and Heather were definitely in favor of making this a long term project, but Karen and Amanda thought after a good modeling session it would have run its course and we would let Jill go back to being Bill.  We had so much fun with the photo shoot and watching his arrogant "I'm not going to do it" attitude crumble, that we're all on board now.

Having just read Jill's blog, I can see that Heather loaned her some shoes--they only have a 1 inch heel, but before long Jill will be prancing gracefully in three inch heels.   Jill is wearing panties everyday now and we would have added pantyhose into the mix, but none of us really wear them.   They're such a pain that they will be a part of Jill's everyday wardrobe before too long.  Her size is wonderful.   Heather's size 9 shoes fit him perfectly.  

I know at least a couple of crossdressers are reading this.  How do you get a guy to learn to talk like a woman?  I think that's a must.  Karen will teach him makeup.  Heather is working on movement.   I'd really like him to learn a softer more feminine manner of speaking.

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  1. Pantyhose are a MUST for male Feminization. Also, if he runs them or tears them he needs a punishment!