Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is There Anybody Out There?

Gee, this blog is lonely.   I put a call out for input and got 0 responses.   It turns out that Jill is a little more clever than I thought and she's figured out a few things that are planned for her by what I've said in this blog.   Above are Heather and Amanda from last Fall.  They will be very important as our shopping consultants in helping Jill build up her wardrobe.   Jill is going to start building up her own wardrobe and in addition to our cast offs, she's going to need many things of her own.  Now that she has had nearly a week to get used to panties, beginning tomorrow she will get to wear pantyhose everyday as well.  Heels training continues with 2 inch heels.   Once she gets the hang of walking in heels, we're going to concentrate on makeup and then talking like a woman.


  1. This is a fabulous blog! I check it several times a day and adore all your efforts. I think if her walk and voice are in order before any obvious sartorial changes, it may be more fun, although some grooming improvements would be fine, too. Keep up the good work ladies.

  2. Yea, voice and walk first, then you can get to the fun stuff. It would be neat to ban him from watching any sports or something small like that.