Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I Get Out of This

I decided to post this after reading Sheila's last entry. I was intrigued by her feelings about our little projects. I've discussed this with Heather, but never with Sheila before. This all started with my idea. When Jill was just an annoying freshman named Bill--I was the one who commented he was very small in stature and that my clothes would probably fit him. I also egged everybody on until we finally did it. So obviously, my initial motivation was revenge. Getting back at somebody who was annoying me.

There's a very small domina part of me, but it's not like Sheila describes. For me it's a bit of a rush to be in control, but I'm a sociology major and for me I really find it interesting to see just how many behaviors attributed to women can be learned by a motivated guy. When Jill or Cindy do something particularly feminine without thinking I get giddy. I'm always interested in just how much we can make them female in looks, actions, and even thoughts.

Somebody asked me about our rules--that's a great topic, but I don't have time to deal with it now. Maybe Sheila will post next time. Also, thanks for the links. Making a man look like a woman is a different skill set then simply making a woman look more attractive.


  1. Hi Amanda. I held off a few days after your post before making any comment. Actually, I think I will make more than one comment but will do so individually because I dearly love this blog and each comment I make involves a different aspect of your post.

    So my first comment is about your comment that 'that this was your idea.' If it truly was, I salute you. It has been a unique and great idea. But, to me, the important thing from what I have read is that this project has succeeded because of the effort and cooperation of 'everyone.' And I mean not only all of the 'girls' but also Jill and Cindy. And, as a 'follower' hopefully we can offer encouragement for everyone. Keep up the good work and teamwork.

  2. I agree from what I have read that "all of you have at least a small domina part in you." The domina part is what keeps Jill and Cindy off balance and willing to do whatever you girls would like. Many of your "followers" would love to have at least one domina, let alone four, in their life to give them the push they need to discover their feminine side.

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