Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sometimes I Get Such a Kick Out of The Sissies

As we were coming back from the beach today, we stopped by our place to show Cindy the Memorial Day outfit we had purchased especially for her. She was less than overjoyed when she saw the military looking mini-skirt and belly shirt with an army hat and sweatshirt designed to show her perfectly tanned stomach. When we told her she could wear her own fishnets and heels with the outfit she turned to us with the biggest puppy dog eyes and said, "You like to dress us up like female versions of macho guys so that we look ridiculous as anything even slightly macho."

She looked at me like she had discovered some big secret. We pointed out that she looked sexy not ridiculous, but then there was a long awkward pause. She had this look like now that she had figured it out, we were supposed to stop or something. I think she's still smarting from how we dressed her and Jill as sissy football players. As much fun as it is to dress them as brides or princesses, a sexy cop or fireman is just as fun. We're all dying to see if Sue's Tom has shaved tonight. If he has, his face will not be the last thing he shaves.


  1. The question becomes, do WE get to see what she looks like in this new outfit? Love the bikini pic at the beach! Can't wait to hear about Jill and Tom. LGB

  2. I hope Cindy posts her take on your gift. Any chance the girls will be showing off their tan lines? Will there be any visits with the family? I'd like to know how that would work.

  3. I'm sure you were feeling pretty good after Cindy's moment of defiance. Once she backed down and acquiesced to your authority, she chose to accept her role. I think this is exactly the power and control you enjoy.