Saturday, May 22, 2010


People have been buzzing since last week when Sue popped up in our comments.   I admit that the first time I saw her comment, I was floored too.  I love all our followers, but it was great to see a genetic female follower.   We were hesitant at first, but after meeting with her, we all agreed she'd be just the boss that Jill needed.   We thought it'd be fun to open up a little game of 20 questions with Sue.   Ask your questions.   When we get to 20, Sue will start anwe


  1. Let's start with your request. Tell us about the guy you want to feminize and why you want to do it?

  2. Are you going to start either of the gurls on hormones or testosterone blockers?

    The gurls tuck, but do they use anything to prepare them for satisfying the boys (besides their lips), i.e. butt plugs or...?

    Just curious! Thanks, and welcome aboard! Look forward to seeing how the gurls progress - both Jill and Cindy look amazing already!

  3. Hi, how did you learn about the blogs? If you already read them before the interview, why did it take so long to recognize Jill?

  4. I love it.

    Question. Did you all know Sue before the job situation presented itself?

    Is she as committed as the four amigos?

    Is Sue the Boss for both Jill and Cindy? I assume that is true.

    Is Sue really as tall and beautiful as she appears in the pic? :)

    You say that she will be Jill's Boss. What will be her role as a 'contributor.'

    Has Sue imposed any additional rules with regard to the job situation.

    Does she have a bf that she wants to make a sissy.

    I will probably think of more questions after posting this.