Saturday, May 22, 2010

My First Post

This feels weird, kind of like I'm sneaking in here. I'm not, Amanda just hooked me up and is watching as I type. I said if Amanda could get 20 questions, I'd answer them on here, but it looks like you already gave me an awful lot to answer and since I'm coming off a late shift and have nothing else to do, I'll give it a try:

1. Tell us about the guy you want to feminize and why you want to do it? I thought I'd get asked that. Tom is a guy that is either my boyfriend or my ex depending on what day of the week it is. We've gone out for awhile and he thinks of himself as the ultimate player. He's definitely not. I have never seen him as a girl, but he is smaller than Cindy so at least that part will be convincing. I can't tell about his face yet. We have a lot of planning to do.

2. Are you going to start either of the gurls on hormones or testosterone blockers? That's an odd question to ask me, but Amanda says definitely not.

The gurls tuck, but do they use anything to prepare them for satisfying the boys (besides their lips), i.e. butt plugs or...? Another odd one to ask me. Amanda says they still haven't decided how far the guys will go and they don't want the guys to know their limits either so you'll just have to watch and see.

Hi, how did you learn about the blogs? If you already read them before the interview, why did it take so long to recognize Jill? Jill interviewed for a waitress job with me, but after about 5 minutes I became suspicious because she was so positive that she wanted to be off the books and had questions about all sorts of things a normal interviewee wouldn't have. I then took a good look and figured out she was a guy. I got enough information from the interview that with some help from google, I found the blogs. I didn't read them before the interview, but I was sure hooked when I did.

Did you all know Sue before the job situation presented itself? I guess I just answered that.

6. Is she as committed as the four amigos? I'd like to think I am, but the amigos (amigas?) have put a whole school year into this project. Getting started on Tom would help a great deal, but I am a big fan and I am really enjoying this.

7. Is Sue the Boss for both Jill and Cindy? I assume that is true. Cindy isn't ready yet, but she is close. She's a beauty, but still has male traits to work on that Cindy has avoided.

8. Is Sue really as tall and beautiful as she appears in the pic? :) I'm not that tall. I'm 5'5" in heels. As for being beautiful, I'll let you judge. I did model a little and do a few pageants when I was younger so yes, I will be working with Jill and Cindy on their walk and a few other things I picked up.

9. You say that she will be Jill's Boss. What will be her role as a 'contributor.' I literally will be her boss at work and yes, I will go along with any plans the "four amigos" have for her. I won't be initiating a whole lot with Jill, but it will definitely make work more fun.

10. Has Sue imposed any additional rules with regard to the job situation. Not really. I've thought of making her call me Miss Sue or curtsying, but stuff like that would make her stand out. I am all ears if anybody has ideas though.


  1. Are You going to ask Sara not to spill the beans on Jill to the rest of the staff, or is it too late already? I guess what I'm asking is if Jills secret is going to become common knowledge immediatly or one person at a time, sworn to secrecy? LGB

  2. Forgot to ask, What kind of 'at work' punishments are You thinking about for Jill? How many more rules are You going to add to her list? LGB

  3. Sue: pardon the extra question about your motivations for wanting to do this, but I wonder about they are about your Tom. I get the on/off relationship, he's an arrogant prick, etc., stuff, but is there anything beyond that? The 'amigas'---from what I can tell---seem to have been motivated first out of revenge against a jerk, but now they seem to enjoy the domination of Jill and Cindy, the power and control they have over the girls, they enjoy humiliating them, making them do things that they don't want to do, even just being thrilled when they unconsciously do something feminine. Do any of these reasons scan with you? Any more than others? Something else? Just curious...