Sunday, April 4, 2010


Thank you for your help on the picture.  No need to worship me though.  I'm home for break and with our ridiculously late Spring Break, none of my friends are around.  We set things up quite well to have Cindy go home with Jill for break.  That means that Jill's sister will be minding Cindy and Kristine and Elizabeth will be minding Jill.   They won't be girlish 24/7, but you can be sure they'll have plenty of chances and that they'll be wearing appropriate lingerie 24/7.   I don't want to spoil anything because Cindy has to write it up, but Amanda and I made a bet with two of our guy friends on the NCAA tournament.  If we had lost, we would have gone out with them, but if they lost we had two different dates in mind.   Well, thank you Butler.   By making the Final Four, they clinched our bracket beating the guys.   So Peter and Dan got different dates last night.   This is the first time Cindy has gone out as a girl and while she'd never pass, since Peter and Dan were at the party they already knew and were OK with it.   Cindy should be putting the details up in Sex and the Sissy soon enough.


  1. Wait a minute! When did Jills sister come into the picture? I don't remember reading about her finding out or being told. I keep waiting for pictures of Jill tied up in the car to go home or coming back. I've also been hoping for some slightly better pictures, clearer pictures, pics with better resolution, if you know what I mean. Love reading all of the adventures, hate waiting for new posts (personality problem, I know). Keep up the good work. LGB

  2. Where are u She She

    Stephanie from