Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dominant Enough?

OK, I'm not a big scary dominatrix.  I grant that most college girls don't have two sissies at their beck and call who are terrified of them and will do whatever they say.  However, if you meet me, I think most people will tell you I'm pretty normal with a bit of an oddball sense of humor.

I'm trying to pick a picture of myself for the website and I'm finding it much harder to pick pictures of myself than it is to find a picture for other people.   Help me out.  Here are your choices--relaxed and sitting on the couch with just a hint of menace in the handcuffs I'm holding or dressed more like a dominatrix putting my fairy through her paces.  Of course, my smile kind of takes all fierceness away from that picture.   What do you think?  Which do you prefer?  I don't want to come off as strict so much as playful. 


  1. This is just a thought, but aren't you already going to have a lot of pictures of me? Why not use the one that's just you?

  2. Miss Sheila ,sitting on the couch gets my vote. Besides the fact that you look very beautiful in this photo, you also look relaxed and at ease, as you should. Clothes do not make a dominant. Attitude does.
    Enjoy yourself,

  3. They are both wonderful, but i'd pick thr firdt one. Two lucky sissies either way.

    sissy maid diane

  4. Stephanie cd texas says:

    She She,

    Lets see. I like the hair in the bun look for you. It gives you an Im in charge look, which obviously you are. The "black outfit" is hot but Id rather see a front shot of you to exposure your sexiness. Your sexiness as a woman gives you power over sissies like us. We need to see you in this role and so do the girls. You derive your dominance over sissies by your womanhood and not totally by blackmail. The sissy in us wants to please you cause we want to be girlly like you. And I think the girls deep down are discovering it. Thats just my thoughts on the matter.
    xoxo Stephanie cd Texas

  5. Miss Sheila,
    You look stunning and wholely worthy of worship in either picture. Though, if I may, I do like the leather look, and the command suggested with your hair up. You can be playful yet totally in control . . . as Stephanie said, the best option would be the Dom look, but truned to face the camera, and if Jill is to be in it -- she should be showing respect and on her knees.


  6. Miss Sheila,
    You are so beautiful and so in control in the first picture with your hair up and your black leather outfit. There is no doubt that you own the sissy you are with. (And don't I wish that I was the sissy in the picture!) I love the fairy wings because they really show your playful nature in that you allow your fairy sissy to have fairy wings. All dommes should be like you!

  7. Miss Sheila,

    I must agree with Stephanie and crissi.

    Hugs, kathi

  8. Stephanie cd Texas says

    I agree with Crissi, She She, Jill and Cindy need to be worshiping u in any pic with u. That means on their knees or in some sort of sub posture. Im not a fan of bondage myself, but other visible forms of femminization could be in order such as bra and panty worship, sissy posing, public humiliation. With ur beauty and sexiness u deserve to be paid tribute by ur sissies. Take more advantage of them and let us see you involved. Your doing a wonderful job, but I want to see u interacting with them too. Just a suggestion.
    xoxo Stephanie cd texas

  9. Sheila,
    I feel the one sitting on the couch is probably the better one. The reasons are
    1)You look relaxed but with a slight hint of mischief about you.
    2)The picture is different in that your wearing 'street clothes' not the stereotypical leather or latex with boots that seem to be the 'uniform' of Dommes.
    3)The handcuffs are not 'in your face' but add a subtle hint of power.

    In both pictures you obviously are beautiful and confident but the couch one in my opinion is a bit more subtle.