Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two Outstanding Questions

One of our favorite Texas sissies asked what we do about the sissies' hair and if they wear wigs.  The short answer is yes.  Wigs not only work when you're dealing with short hair, they give you access to different styles, colors, and lengths.   They're more versatile then regular hair and wigs will probably be something both Jill and Cindy will continue to wear for a long time.

Cindy still has rather short hair so it's going to be wigs, wigs, wigs for her.  Jill started with short hair, but she's been at this for over half a year--Wow! has it been that long?  For not being very hairy, Jill has been blessed with rather fast growing hair on her head.  The average male's hair grows at 1/2 an inch per month, but Jill's grows considerably faster than that.   Both Jill and Cindy are taking biotin, which is a harmless over the counter vitamin that helps with hair growth. 

In January, I started taking Jill to see the girl who does my hair.  Even though my tastes run more conservative, Wendy works at a pretty edgy salon.  At first, I told Wendy that Jill was transitioning and wanted to get his hair done, but his second appointment he got quite argumentitive and when I went back to get my hair done, I told her the truth.   She's happy to help, but warned us, that things have to be kept quiet at the salon and so far it's worked fine.  Cindy will start seeing her when her hair grows a bit. 

Another reader asked about jobs for our sissies this summer.   For as hot as Cindy is, she's just not ready.   The looks are actually the easiest part.  Her job over summer will be cleaning and she will be doing plenty of it.  Jill on the other hand can carry herself as a woman in public.  The job market sucks right now, but we're working on getting her a job that will both provide her with income for more shopping this summer and embarrass her every day as she lives the life of a female 24/7.

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful answer She She.
    You make their hair look wonderful.
    They r lucky to have u girls to fem them. Someday they will be so glad this happened to them.

    xoxo Stephanie CDTX