Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Party Rocked!

Introducing Cindy from SheSheila on Vimeo.

The party went better than we could have hoped for.  We weren't in your face about things at all because we didn't want any of our friends to freak out.   They didn't.  They waited on our friends hand and foot and of course showed proper deference by curtsying and calling the guests sir and madam.  Karen's boyfriend Matt, after getting a few drinks in him, starting teasing the sissies by hitting on them in an over the top drunken way.  Our guy friends were so funny because they would admit that the sissies were cute, but always declared that they knew they were guys right away. 

Our friend Michelle suggested that they would be terrific as Playboy Bunnies or Hooter Girls serving at a party and I really liked that idea--although the French maid was so much fun.   We had a surprise for both our girls at the party last night.   Jill's ex-girlfriend just started Spring Break so we invited her to come visit for the party.  She's staying with her best friend all weekend and we gave them Jill tonight.   Kristine is very impressed with how much progress Jill has made just since Christmas and will be starting here come Fall.  She is trying to find a way to get her parents to let her stay here over summer so she can have fun with Jill.   Jill was a little surprised to say the least for her ex to see her in her French Maid outfit serving all the party guests.

At 1 AM the party was still going strong when Cindy got her big surprise when we dimmed the lights and popped a video in the DVD player--there was Cindy in all her glory for everybody to see.   She was so embarrassed, but my friend Dana held her hand.  I thought it was just to make sure she didn't leave the room, but she also was telling her how cute she looked and making her feel better about the whole situation.   Not only did our friends accept us having sissy maids, I think I detected a lot of jealousy.  What a party!


  1. no pics from the party????
    stephanie cd texas

  2. The video was beautiful and really well done.