Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Sort of Coming Out Party

We had a little meeting of our feminizers club and put together a list of exactly which of our friends could be trusted with the knowledge of our sissies without spreading it all over campus.   We came up with a list between us of I think 18 female and 10 male students.   We're going to have a party tomorrow and the maid service will be provided by Jill and Cindy who were less than thrilled with the news.  They have lovely matching French Maid outfits and they will be serving beer and food to everybody as well as cleaning up after the party.  The party isn't really going to be about them.   Most of our friends won't share our interest in sissies, but I think they'll like being waited on.   Of course, it'll be good and embarrassing for the sissies.

I hope you're enjoying Sex and the Sissy.  I don't want it overtaking their own blogs, but I definitely want them updating it frequently too.


  1. Love the lingerie look. stockings are hot.
    Stephanie cd texas

  2. I am addicted to these two. Although I like the reading a lot, I need to see more of them, videos are the BOMB, pics,pics,pics , Please, please, please !!!

  3. Jill just looks better and better . . . I think she's found her place and a delicious little sissy.

  4. just recently saw this wonderful blog
    i have always wondered if there were other girls who had the imagination to help those in need of finding their fem-selves!

    being a serial feminizer i too luv the power
    and control

    i see that you also have found that some poor girls "fight" it. i found a little different approach -i stumbled into finding that
    once the "girl" accepted that she is really a
    lesbian, then she couldn't become feminine
    fast enough or complete enough.

    what seemed to really work then was using
    a little hypnotism ( more imaging themselves as girls than real hypnotism), saying little mantras, writing about being feminine, expressing verbally to other girls how feminine they feel, really accelerated everyting -

    i also found that saying out loud her experiences like how she first "borrowed" her first pair of panties,or explaining things like how proud she was to wear a bra
    really helped

    i have shown the girls off to former girl friends but never the Mom - this seems like a great idea! Well done!

    i also like very much that you made sure the girls admitted that this was entirely their
    idea! this is something i also found to be very helpful- and for them choosing what to wear seemed the next logical step.

    You girls have done an unbelievably great job! and look forward to hearing more.