Monday, March 29, 2010

We Will Make it Up to You

I guess apologies are in order for not having pictures of the party, outside of a lovely shot of our two maids.  As I mentioned before, we were trying to break this news to some of our close friends who didn't already know about our sissies.  In that area, it was a huge success, but it's one thing to ask your friends to attend a party with your French Maid.  It's another to ask them to be in pictures on the internet for the whole world to see.   I promise next party we will make it up to you.  So far only one of my friends felt uncomfortable about the sissies.   We've had reactions ranging from mild bemusement to offers of assistance.  I've had two friends call and ask what clothes we'd be looking for.   I think I see a bridesmaid pictorial coming up soon.  We all have them in our closets and this is about as good a use as most can be put to.  I've gotten some fun suggestions from friends too, including a line on a summer job for Jill.

The above picture is from the website we're putting up for Cindy and Jill.  It seems we've been working on it forever.  I think the first page looks so awesome and then, eh...I don't know.  The idea here is to display their photo sections in a magazine style slideshow so we wanted covers.  They are compressed and smushed together here.  They look much nicer on the webpage.


  1. Have you thought of having your sissies look for work as females, saying they are in transition? Perfect places would be Vickie's closet, other women's clothing stores, beauty salons, etc.....

  2. Very nice. I was just thinking how do the girls address their hair issues
    I assume they wear wigs right
    Stephanie cd tx

    Ps their hair always looks wonderful

  3. Looking forward to the website she she.

    stephanie cd texas