Monday, March 8, 2010

A Few More Answers

I got some great comments so I'm going to go ahead and give more insights.  It's sometimes tough to remember questions so I don't always get to answer:

Tying up the sissies - Thanks for the helpful links.   When we starting to feminize Jill we practiced on each other and used some videos to figure things out.   I prefer using the lark's head method.  It makes for a good knot and it isn't too hard to do.  We found some Youtube videos very useful from Ropeworld.

I really enjoyed some of your ideas for a web page.   Sissy advice or beauty advice could make for some great columns and it would embarrass them to have to write them which is a big bonus.

Dating Update - They will start having bi-weekly date nights on Friday nights.  As Cindy gets better in the feminine roll, they will start alternating, but for now Cindy will be the guy all the time.  I know what some of you are thinking, why let either of them be the guy?  We thought it'd make it much more fun if when they were acting romantic, they couldn't always just imagine that they're with a girl.  We're still not going to make them go real far, but some hand holding and a little kissing doesn't seem too much to ask.

It's possible we'll do a joint sissy blog too or we'll just have the web page take care of their together posts.  It does make sense that it's more difficult for people to message them individually about things that effect them both.

Come Summer they will have no access to boy clothes.   However, we did decide not to do anything that would be permanent to them.   I also just don't like permanent makeup--I don't wear a ton, but I believe makeup should be different depending on the occasion.  

Stephanie--we're in the midwest not in Texas.  The snow is just about off the ground except for some tiny little patches.   It won't be time for shorts and thin shirts with bra outlines for another 6 weeks.   I'll definitely get pictures like that come Spring time.  So far we've let some of our friends know what's going on and they've loved it.  Our friend Michelle has let us use her sorority a few times for fashion shows and a few of her friends know about it.   Jill's roommate knows and he's very open minded--he's a good guy.  There are a few girls on campus who work at shops that Jill has got her clothes at.   In general, everybody's been real positive, but then again we haven't told anybody that we thought would react negatively.


  1. Damn, cindy looks hot

  2. Stephanie CD from Texas Says:

    Thanks She She, I forgot where you were located. I'll be looking for
    those spring and summer clothes, I think they will look very cute and
    sissy on the girls. I'm glad your taking your time with public exposure because people can really be mean to us. That is "boys" in girls clothes. I know from first hand. I'm glad the girls are going on dates with each other. I have to say I would enjoy it with a CD friend as a boy and me as a girl, or the other way around. This can only make them closer in this project and their sissiness together. And definite some had holding and kissing is in order. I'm sure your web plans will be great as are these sites. She She will you and any of the other girls be saying the summer with Jill and Cindy for summer school? I think they will need on site direction. Well thats all for now. xoxo Stephanie CD Texas

  3. Sheila, thanks for taking the time to answer questions and give more of an insight into you plans and ideas, it is appreciated.
    You all continue to do a great job.