Sunday, March 7, 2010

You Guys Are Tough

I love the comments you post here and on their blogs.  I don't want to slight anybody, but I wanted to answer a few things.   Don't expect Jill or Cindy to be jumping for joy over their progress.   They're both new to the whole feminization thing and as soon as they get comfortable we push them past their comfort level--mean, but fun.   Cindy has a lot to master in a short time.   The biggest reason we decided to femme her is that Jill needed a roommate for summer if she was going to stay down at school.   We've got some fun ideas for their summer and we'll be looking for a place for them for summer soon.  Most of you post anonymously which I know saves time, but it makes it harder to tell you all apart:

I'd never say never about additional sissies, but we're not planning on more.  Two is a lot of work, but opens up interesting possibilities too.
I could see maybe doing a book sometime, but we're enjoying the doing a lot now.  We'll worry about chronicling it all later.

Cindy knows that she has to describe anything she's asked and answer any questions she's asked so if you want her to talk about her lessons, just ask her.

Cindy's blogging complaints--we decided when we were doing this with Jill that their blogs should be honest so that we could follow their reactions and see changes in attitude.

Now a question for you, what do you want to see on their web page?  We're looking to put a good web page together for them and we're looking for ideas.


  1. a good web page should include lots of photos

  2. Thanks' for taking the time to not only give some insight into you plans, but also your thoughts.
    I went back and read Jill's blog again from the start and I can now see how her attitude changed and as you say it should be interesting watching Cindy's change as well.
    One comment that stood out on Jill's blog was posted on Friday August 28th 2009, when she wrote - "I can tell you, I won't be dressing up like this more than another week tops."

    All I can say is it must seem like a long week!
    I did write to Cindy initially as you suggested to her alter ego's e-mail Scott, but was sort of disappointed when he wrote back denying any knowledge of the cute red dress!
    Maybe it could be worth setting up a new e-mail address either for Jill and Cindy, or one for this blog?
    With regards to what to put on the new site, the usual pictures and comments, but maybe also video clips or having Jill and Cindy offer advice on how to be a better sissy?
    I know Jill has beauty tips on her site, maybe get then to do something similar with 'sissy tips'?
    Congratulations again on doing one awesome job.

  3. Suggestion- keep their individual pages, but create a joint page for them. This way, the suggestions that apply to both, and comments from both as a couple can have s single place. The other blogs are for their individual issues....

    Of course, they should be living full time in female garb by summer - with no boy clothes available to them, except through you - if they take trips home....

    Would you consider getting them permanently made up? What about extra piercings? I could think of several places that would be interesting. Do any of you have prescriptions for the pill? (Would you want to see real breasts on them?)

  4. Stephanie Cd from Texas says:

    She She Id like to see the girls out on campus and maybe see some of the reactions of the other students. Maybe a covert phone cam pic in class showing the outline of a bra under a shirt. Id love the girls to dress in girlly shorts and a cute top and go around town and campus.
    I know other students must know about this project what do they think.
    Keep up the good work... Stephanie Cd from Texas

  5. Stephanie Cd from Texas says:

    By the way as for ideas about a joint web site for the girls, I think they should be either sissy sisters or sissy girlfriends. I would lean toward them being sissy girlfriends so this could lead to some kind of relationship either for real or for fun. I think it should be about them exploring their sissiness together. It should be about them being cute and femmie together. They should get into playing sissy games like girl talk, shopping together, wearing bras and panties together, playing truth or dare, and thinking about boys. I also think they should fem up their room especially for the summer as room mates.

    Stephanie Cd from texas