Monday, March 1, 2010

Working Her Hard

We worked our little Cindy very hard this weekend. Not only the blogging, but also trying to figure her way around a pair of heels. She was pretty fed up today so you can imagine being told that starting with Wednesday's class she had to be wearing pantyhose as well as panties from now one didn't go over very well. I've read a lot of great suggestions from you all, but some of them are way too advanced. I don't know where we're going to take things between Jill and Cindy, but no matter where things go they have to go very slow. Both of them think of themselves as strictly heterosexual. Making them kiss or hold hands is extremely fun, but beyond that will take a long time if at all. Any suggestions for improving Cindy's appearance are appreciated. She's looking great I think and it's fun having one blonde and one brunette.

We're working on a new web page for both of them, but it's going to take time and that's something none of us seem to have a lot of at the moment. I will confess that part of the reason for feminizing Cindy was that Jill needed a roommate before her parents would consider allowing her to move out of the dorms--voila problem is solved. I know she's gotten a ton of comments and questions and that's great. If you want to push some buttons, the following things really get her goat:

1. How were mere females able to so completely overpower you?
2. How does it feel knowing that the girl you thought was so hot turned out to be a guy?
3. How does it feel knowing other guys are checking you out and think you're hot?


  1. Cindy looks so cute! Regarding suggestions, she seems not to want to wear pantyhose, so why not relent on that and have her wear stockings and a suspender belt instead? she will be more aware of the straps and the fact that the clips might be seen under her pants as she sits. Another idea is piercing ears or belly, maybe starting at a threat to stop complaining or else then do it later on. The last thought is to shape her eyebrows more, just 'clean them up' for her but leaving a distinct arch?
    Have fun though.

  2. Can we see more pics of Karen? She is the hottest thing i have ever seen. It must be hell for Cindy or Jill to know that Karen will date real men, while the best they can hope for is to maby kiss or rub her feet.

  3. Looking at the awesome job you have done with Jill and Cindy, I wish I knew you girls so you could work your magic on me! But I suppose I can always dream.

  4. Hi this is Stephanie. I think the girls should be addressing there denial
    of enjoying this project. I think deep down they have to like it and should aleast be made to say it on their blog or be punished.
    xoxo stephanie

  5. Cindy looks so hot,love her outfits. She is a lucky girl.Would love for you girls to transform me into one of the girls.

  6. I just checked out Cindy's latest entry, she does look so cute and hot as a cheerleader, your doing a great job. Jill seems to be behind in her blog posts though? If your still looking for ideas for Cindy she is still in denial, and that's worth addressing also as a idea to help her appreciate her feminine side, you could consider a cute little tattoo for both Cindy and Jill, after all they are your girls and it would be a constant reminder. That said even the threat of matching tattoo's could be enough incentive for Cindy to focus on her development.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Ladies
    Congradulations on such fine work so far to date. Are you having the girls take you anywhere for spring break or staying at school for some extra studying?

    I remember you remarking about learning to tie them up. There are two books out that can be a good source. They have a webpage at Their books are Two Knotty Boys and Two Knotty Boys Back on the Rope. I would also suggest checking out a site find a local munch to visit and discover someone local to give you some hands on tips and training if needed.

    I was sort of wondering if your girls are available for dates? They both are so cute, maybe a date with either one or both of them could be fun. Also, check up a Jill she has been slacking off on follow up to her followers' comments, Cindy hasn't been to bad.

    I bet they both could use some housekeeping skills and training to. What better way they can start to repay you for all the extra education you are giving them.

    Keep up the grades and have fun. :)