Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Makeup Chair

Today really wasn't supposed to be such a rough day for Cindy. It was cold and rainy all day, which isn't unusual, but things were looking up this week. Unfortunately, Cindy was invited by some friends to go to a party and we had actually given her last night off with the agreement that today she'd spend the whole time working on her makeup. When she asked me if she could go I told her that I bet her friends would love to see one of her new outfits and let her know that she'd be staying home. She would have none of that and we actually had to handcuff her ankles to a chair so that she would be stuck at the makeup mirror. We also had to make sure somebody was there babysitting her at all times. Tonight we turned the responsibilities over to Jill as we all had places to go.

Somebody had asked about having Cindy photograph different looks, but Cindy isn't quite there yet. Her makeup skills are that of your average 11 year old girl. Clumpy lashes, smeared lipstick, poked eyes are all par of the course. If Jill is any indication, she'll pick it up pretty quickly.

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  1. A clear pink or blue plastic ladies raincoat would look awsome on her.