Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Awesome Thing Happenned Today

Wednesday is where Cindy and Jill first met.  Cindy, then Scott started sitting by Jill and we would encourage a lot of flirting.   Since Scott has become Cindy, we encourage a ton of flirting.   Cindy carries Jill's books, stands when she arrives, passes notes, holds hands, play footsie and in general are under strict supervision to act in the most lovey, dovey way possible.  As we were leaving class today, two students one of whom is named Amanda came by and asked them if they were going out now.   Cindy choked out a weak yes.  She told them they were so cute together.   She said her boyfriend really didn't like PDA.   Cindy and Jill were both blushing profusely when the girls left.  It was great.


  1. Cute as always baby.

  2. I bet Jill and Cindy are just so cute together. Sorta jealous of them

  3. Interesting site and blogs, I do hope we see the "Sex and the Sissy" blog running soon. I was curious about the four ladies that started this endeavor, do you simply enjoy feminizing and sissifying men or do you also consider yourselves dominant women that would demand a female led relationship for yourselves? Regardless, it's is fun following the exploits of Jill and Cindy.
    DeniseD (aka Doug)