Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shopping Trip Coming Up

Things have been going very well with Cindy, so we've decided that this weekend is an ideal time for a shopping trip.   It'll be a little tougher with Cindy than it was with Jill because Jill's family is loaded while Cindy's is just comfortably middle class.  She needs some bras, some makeup, and a few outfits of her own.  A pair of shoes that fit her properly would be nice too.  Beyond that, we'll just see what's on sale.   Oh yeah, definitely want to get her something pretty to sleep in.  She's really antsy about this and with good reason.   She knows that shopping with us is going to be quite an experience.


  1. Great photographs and such amazing progress in such a short time. I'm sure you will enjoy taking Jill and Cindy shopping. It will be good getting their thoughts on the trip later. Cindy has mentioned that you keep her busy teaching her how to act feminine,(and it's obviously paying off) can you get her to describe her lessons the standards that you set and her progress working towards the standard please?

  2. The girls look really cute together. And is that Jill's real hair? She looks very feminine and happy.