Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a Great Day Friday Was

We had a lot of fun Friday. I read Jill's diary entry so I won't double up her entry information, but I was kind of shocked when Heather got the bright idea of tying Cindy up and taking her to the mall regardless of what she wanted. My original thought was to allow her to go in male attire and gradually feminize her from store to store, but this worked better.

We always get excellent service at the mall once the sales people see we're not there on a goof, but that we're actually spending money and lots of it. The makeup people at Sephora didn't show any apprehension and Cindy dropped a lot there as she needed everything. Jill needed a lot of clothes too. With the warmer weather it's going to be even harder for her to pass as a male. Her bra will show through a t-shirt, her shaved legs will be obvious in shorts, etc. Cindy doesn't have to worry about showing up to class as Cindy yet so they were looking for different things.

Taking any beginning sissy to Victoria's Secret is a blast. Cindy turned bright red, just like Jill did way back in September. We got her some cheap breast forms until she can save up for a nicer set. She also got her first bras. From now on, she'll be wearing the bras to class and the forms whenever she's home. We've got a little over 2 months to make her very passable for our summer plans to work.

Last night, Cindy gave a fashion show and that was a lot of fun for all of us. We hadn't had Jill give one in months. I think having the two of them model together would be a fun idea for next week.


  1. It looks like you all had a good time and Jill seems to have accepted things with her buying new clothes. Cindy probably needs to still come to terms with her future though; does she know about the idea to have her attend classes while dressed for example? Once again congratulations with her progress, it's amazing at how far she has come in such a short time, and Jill's comment about Cindy being like a little sister to her is so cute!
    Enjoy what you do and just out of interest do you see any additional sisters joining Jill and Cindy in the future?

  2. OMG! Where were you girls when I was 20? You're wonderful!

  3. I hope you realize that what you are doing would be a fantasy of alot of cross dressers or transgendered people and there are alot out there. You should consider one of you writing a book about this experience and then selling the movie rites. How about you She She. I think you would be surprised at the interest. xoxo Stephanie CD in Texas

  4. By the way I love the forms and the Idea of the b cup around campus.
    xoxo Stephanie from Texas CD