Thursday, March 11, 2010

Makeup Sites

Wearing makeup is an important part of being a sissy and when we want Cindy to look her best, we're happy to make her face our palette, but I think it is much more feminine and much more powerful for her to apply her own makeup.   She's gotten a lot better after walking on her heels this week and while she's not there yet, a lot of my girlfriends aren't either.   When you wear heels 4 or 5 times a year, you're not going to be real graceful in them.    I think this weekend we're going to make her sit in front of the mirror and keep practicing her makeup until she's competent.  Do any of you sissies have any suggestions for good websites with tips, especially videos that she can watch.


  1. Stephanie Cd Sissy says:

    I have two sites in mind one is a how to site and the other is a wonderful 1940 how to vintage pin up girl makeup that might look good on Cindy just for fun.

    The second is a you tube site and is just a fun vid to watch!!

    Stephanie Cd Sissy

  2. You may want to consider having Cindy subscribe to various fashion magazines, or just have her buy them over the counter to read up on makeup. Out of interest I just did a search on U-Tube using 'make up tutorial' and there are lots of clips that may help Cindy, maybe have her post 'her favorite' links? Could you also have Cindy post some pictures of the various 'looks' she achieves over the weekend, and maybe get her to describe her favorites and why?
    Thanks in advance

  3. There's another issue you might not have thought of - voice. Females have a different style of talking, and there is little resonance in the voice. It's not enough to talk softly, but both Jill and Cindy have to master the nuances that make feminine speech different from male speech in the same vocal range.