Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sex and the Sissy

I'm sorry to say, I accidentally erased 3 posts with some excellent questions just now. When I said Scott is dating Jill previously, that is because Cindy cannot dress as herself in class yet. Instead, she wears boy clothes and pretends to be a boy. Scott was flirting with Jill before he ever found out that Jill had a little something extra and we insist in class that they act like a couple.

It has only happened very recently that we have made them refer to each other as girlfriends. We do make them kiss and hug and even talk sexy, but we're not making them go beyond that right now. Both sissies do need to learn to be the best girls they can be, but it's a bit less than I think what some of you think we're doing.

In answer to a previous question, we all feel differently about what we're doing and we all enjoy it for different reasons. I have decided that I am definitely a domme. While I don't get any joy from hurting somebody just to hurt them, the power of bending a guy to my whims is pretty awesome. When I see Jill and Cindy mincing around and acting like girly girls, I do get a bit excited sometimes.

Cindy and Jill are teaming up on a new blog and it'll have two differences from the current blog. First, they will not be giving their honest opinions the way they do on their own blogs, but instead acting the way we insist they act around us. They will be flirtatiously girlish as they talk about shopping and boys. I hope you'll encourage them because I think it'll be a lot of fun for all of us. The new blog is called Sex and the Sissy. You'll find a link in the sidebar.


  1. Are Jill and Cissy both sleeping in feminine nightwear yet? I'd hope they'd both get comfy in babydolls....

    We know that Jill has gone to the beauty parlor. But what about Cindy - is she ready for a mani/pedi? What color for the polish?

  2. Wish I was in the middle hehe.