Sunday, November 21, 2010

Halloween Winners

The voting was both close and difficult, but we have winners:

Best Portfolio
Cindy 11
Jill 11
Xiu 3
Amber 1

Best Individual Costume
Jill 11
Cindy 7
Amber 5
Xiu 3

They will be rewarded after returning from Thanksgiving.  You get rewarded now with some higher resolution costume pictures.  Just click on the picture.  It'd make a great wallpaper for next Halloween too.  I think they all should take note that showing a lot of leg seems to be key to winning.

Sorry, we've let the sissies take advantage of us a bit on the updating, but grades come first and we have all been a bit busy.  Things will come down a little after Thanksgiving before getting really crazy just in time for the end of the semester and Christmas. Our Homecoming montage hit a snag when the good computer lost all audio.  We have a sound card coming from Amazon because we can't hear anything on the one computer capable of doing the cool stuff.


  1. Thanks' for the update and the results. Congratulations to Jill and Cindy and it does look like showing a lot of leg helps ;-)
    I'm sure they enjoyed it.
    Your blogs are awesome and its a pleasure to read.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Yay for all the sissies they looked amazing!
    and congrats to the winners!!

  3. all of the sissies costumes are wonderful....very hard to choose a 'winner'

  4. Did the DWC posting previously ring any new bells? Who is changing more the sissies or the
    Mistresses? We need more posts about feelings.
    This has to be causing major changes in both of
    you. Separately, are you thinking about training
    new Mistresses to carry on the traditions? There should always be a new class of sissies.
    Their grades and attitudes have to be improved. You are doing them a favor. At least they will be ok with a dominant wife.


  5. This is from She is describing what's in it for her.

    As for the sissy part...Before it did NOTHING for me! I struggled with it and only did it because I felt it was my obligation. Now, when I see him all dolled up and looking pretty...I am beaming! To know I have the power/control to bring this "manly man" to this level...well, it's better than any drug out there! Screw antidepressants...become a Dom!!
    - Bill

  6. Actually that was a comment on Mainesub by Foreverhers.

  7. This comment is for Kristine and Colleen. They
    need to allow an anonymous entry.

    Many of the blogger readers think Cindy is the prettiest sissy. In this picture she is just
    wearing a sports jersey and looks fantastic.
    You sound like the mean husband in the movie
    "Waitress". See us blog readers have seen all the
    chick flicks. :-)


  8. Sheila, I noticed that a couple of your sissies aren't ready to step out and work in the big bad world... maybe I have a solution for you:

    I write a blog for big girls who can feminize themselves, and one of the things I write about is work-at-home. Since you've already got them so well disciplined, adding one small thing to their daily work load would help them be self-sufficient and earn the extra cash they need for their girly needs.

  9. Here's another article, this from Japan, saying
    that what you are doing is the new trend.